Unveiling the Dark Side of Bayer: #MarkaGünahları 15

The controversial history and unethical practices of Bayer, including support for Hitler and selling drugs at exorbitant prices, are explored. #MarkaGünahları 15.

00:00:08 The sins of Bayer, a brand that has a controversial history and questionable practices, are explored, including its support for Adolf Hitler and unethical actions in the pharmaceutical industry.

💊 Bayer developed cancer drugs for the wealthy Western market.

🔥 Bayer has a history of controversial products and legal issues.

🌍 Bayer expanded its operations internationally and entered into the healthcare and pharmaceutical markets.

00:02:11 IG Farben's involvement with the Nazis, including their production of deadly gas and use of forced labor, made them one of the most powerful and brutal cartels of the time.

💼 IG Farben, headed by Hermann Schmitz, was a powerful cartel in Nazi Germany, producing various products such as paint, explosives, and synthetic rubber.

☠️ IG Farben played a significant role in the Holocaust, producing Zyklon B, a deadly gas used in gas chambers to kill thousands of people daily.

👷‍♂️ During the war, IG Farben utilized forced labor, resulting in the death of many workers but greatly reducing labor costs and increasing production.

00:04:15 Bayer's dark history: IG Farben executives convicted, heroin developed and mass-produced as a painkiller, causing widespread addiction.

IG Farben executives were arrested and given sentences for their involvement in war crimes.

Bayer developed heroin as a pain reliever and cough medicine, but it turned out to be highly addictive.

Despite the harmful effects of heroin, Bayer continued to sell it for some time.

00:06:16 Bayer's unethical actions revealed: selling cancer drugs at exorbitant prices, neglecting Indian market, and risking AIDS transmission. #MarkaGünahları 15.

👥 Bayer faced criticism for selling cancer drugs at a high price that many people in India couldn't afford.

👨‍⚕️ Bayer developed a drug in the 1980s that had the risk of transmitting AIDS and continued to sell it in some countries, leading to AIDS cases and deaths.

00:07:59 Bayer's controversial history includes selling old drugs to underdeveloped countries and producing cholesterol-lowering drugs with severe side effects.

🔑 Bayer refused to supply a new drug to an underdeveloped country and argued it was responsible behavior.

Bayer's cholesterol-lowering drug caused the death of over 100 people and the company paid over $1 billion in compensation.

💰 Bayer acquired Monsanto, a producer of GMO agricultural products, for $66 billion.

00:10:07 The acquisition of Monsanto by Bayer has led to criticism and legal trouble, with claims that Monsanto's Roundup pesticide causes cancer. Bayer insists its products are safe, but questionable research practices raise doubts.

🌾 Bayer's acquisition of Monsanto raised concerns about GMOs and control of seed and pesticide production.

🔬 Evidence emerged linking Monsanto's Roundup pesticide to cancer, leading to lawsuits against Bayer.

📚 Suspicion was raised about the credibility of research studies published in dubious scientific journals.

00:12:05 Bayer's unethical practices revealed: paying for articles promoting its own products, illegal commissions to doctors, and selling defective medicines in underdeveloped countries. Fined $40 million.

💰 Many companies, including German pharmaceutical and chemistry giant Bayer, have published articles about their own products in dubious scientific journals by paying money.

🔍 Bayer was found to have illegally paid commissions to doctors and hospitals to promote the use of their drugs, resulting in a $40 million fine.

💊 Despite facing fines and causing harm to people, Bayer continues to print articles in dubious academic publications to increase sales.

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