Venice's Doge's Palace: Uncovering Venice's Secrets

Experience the intricate beauty of Venice's Doge's Palace, from its stunning paintings to its hidden passageways and prison cells.

00:00:01 Explore the detailed digital reproduction of Venice in the Hall of the Great Council. Admire the paintings depicting victories and legends of Venice. Discover the significance of Doge's Palace in shaping the city's history.

🏰 The video showcases a detailed digital reproduction of Venice, specifically focusing on the Doge's Palace and the Hall of the Great Council.

🖼️ The Hall of the Great Council features magnificent paintings on the walls and ceiling that depict significant events and legends in Venice's history.

🔔 The Doge's Palace, besides being a residence, played a crucial role in the political assembly of Venice, and it is accompanied by the red Britain bell tower in St. Mark's Square.

00:01:06 Explore the secret and public spaces of Venice's palace, including hidden passageways, staterooms, and prison cells, in this 360 video.

🏰 Venice's leaders considered the palace like Buckingham Palace, the houses of parliament, Whitehall, and the Tower of London combined.

🔒 The palace had hidden passageways for the secret police and squalid prison cells, revealing the intertwining of secret and public spaces.

⚖️ The chamber of the three housed Venice's feared guardians of justice, and had an octagonal painting called 'Victory of Virtue over Vice.'

00:02:10 Explore the dark history of Venice's Doge's Palace, where victims were interrogated and tortured in the torture chamber.

🏰 Venice's Doge's Palace was the center of Venice's unique governance system.

🔒 The torture chamber in the palace was used to interrogate and punish victims.

🌆 Venice was governed through a combination of democracy, spectacle, and terror.

Summary of a video "Venice in 360: Italy's Invisible Cities - BBC Taster" by BBC on YouTube.

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