Navigating the Expensive Dating Scene: Rules and Budgeting in 2023

The rising cost of dating in 2023 and the importance of establishing rules and a budget.

00:00:00 The video discusses the rising cost of dating and the challenges people face in affording it. It explores societal pressures and expectations around dating, as well as the impact of inflation on dating expenses. The video offers solutions and suggests creating rules for dating to navigate these challenges.

💰 Dating has become more expensive over time, causing people to question if they can afford it.

📊 The cost of restaurant meals and alcoholic beverages has significantly increased, leading to a shift in dating behavior.

💑 Despite the desire for gender equality, many women still expect men to cover the expenses of a first date.

00:08:58 This video discusses the increasing cost of dating in 2023 and the importance of establishing rules and setting an entertainment budget. It emphasizes the need to understand the purpose of dating and make sure it aligns with the expectations of both parties.

💡 Dating dynamics and expectations differ depending on the gender and orientation of the individuals involved.

📊 The cost of eating out has been consistently increasing, making dating more expensive.

💰 Establishing an entertainment budget can help determine how much can be spent on a date and set criteria for dating.

🤔 Understanding the reason for dating is crucial before investing time and money into it.

00:17:56 Establish dating rules that align with your goals. Only date people who share similar goals. Determine if you can afford to date a specific person based on their expectations. Stick to your rules and cut off early if it's not a good match.

📝 Establish rules around your dating behavior and align yourself with people who have similar goals.

💰 Consider if you can afford to date a specific person based on their dating expectations and your financial situation.

⚖️ Define your own rules of dating and stick to them, such as planning dates in advance and not engaging in last-minute plans.

00:26:53 Dating in 2023 requires setting and following rules to avoid disappointment and financial strain. High-ticket dating should only be pursued if there is a high-ticket income. Dating solely for sex necessitates creating criteria and sticking to a budget. Courting should be reserved for those serious about marriage.

📌 It is important to set and adhere to personal dating rules to avoid disappointment and dissatisfaction in relationships.

💰 Consider your financial ability before engaging in high ticket dating to avoid financial strain and unrealistic expectations.

🛑 If dating solely for sex, establish clear criteria and budget boundaries to prevent overspending and frustration.

💑 When dating with the intention of getting to know someone, understand the purpose and avoid miscommunication or mismatched expectations.

00:35:51 The video discusses the importance of having a budget and rules when dating. It emphasizes the need to align expectations and not try to change someone's mind. The speaker encourages individuals to have their own structure and find someone who respects it.

💑 Dating is not the same as courting for marriage; it's important to align expectations.

💰 Having a budget and set rules for dating is crucial to avoid dissatisfaction.

🔄 It's important to find a partner who respects and aligns with your values and structure.

00:44:50 Focus on building your financial foundation before getting into relationships. Starting early will set you up for success and attract the right people. Don't be swayed by societal expectations and unnecessary spending. Find low-cost ways to see if you're compatible with someone.

Focus on building a strong financial foundation before entering into a relationship.

Don't waste your 20s partying, start getting serious about your goals now.

A low-cost way to determine compatibility is to spend time together without distractions.

00:53:50 Rules for dating in 2023: Date at your level economically, avoid chasing partners who make way more money than you. Find someone who aligns with your lifestyle and goals. Establish rules and goals in relationships to avoid mistakes and divorces.

🌟 When it comes to dating, it's important to date at your own level instead of expecting someone to come down to your level.

💰 Don't date someone who makes significantly more money than you, as it may lead to unrealistic expectations and dissatisfaction.

🤔 Relationship goals should be clearly defined, and both partners need to align their lifestyles and expectations.

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