Becoming Princess Jasmine: Arielle Jacobs' Character Study

Arielle Jacobs discusses her portrayal of Princess Jasmine in Disney's 'Aladdin' on Broadway, emphasizing relatability and authenticity.

00:00:00 Arielle Jacobs discusses playing Princess Jasmine in Disney's 'Aladdin' on Broadway and the values the character represents.

💫 Princess Jasmine in Disney's 'Aladdin' is compassionate, strong, and independent, standing up for her beliefs.

'Aladdin' is a story about dreams, pursuing what you want, and being a good person.

🌟 Arielle Jacobs enjoys playing Princess Jasmine because she can relate to the character.

00:01:10 Arielle Jacobs discusses her approach to playing Princess Jasmine in the musical 'Aladdin', focusing on portraying her as a relatable and genuine character.

👑 Princess Jasmine is portrayed differently in the video. She is not the stereotypical princess, but a real person with emotions and experiences.

🎭 The actress, Arielle Jacobs, approaches the role by connecting with her own identity and incorporating elements from her personal life.

🌍 Arielle draws inspiration from Moroccan culture and aims for authenticity in portraying the world of 'Aladdin'.

00:02:13 ALADDIN Star Arielle Jacobs discusses her experience playing Jasmine on Broadway and in Sydney, including the beautiful costumes and the transformation she feels when wearing the crown.

🎭 Arielle Jacobs played the role of Jasmine in Sydney, Australia and shares the experience of playing the role on Broadway.

💃 Learning to dance with the heavy and elaborate costumes covered in crystals and sequins took a lot of rehearsal.

👑 Putting on the crown and tiara transforms Arielle Jacobs into Princess Jasmine and embodies the character.

00:03:16 ALADDIN Star Arielle Jacobs creates lasting memories for fans who grew up with the movie and experienced their first Broadway show.

🎭 Meeting fans of the original Aladdin movie and being a part of their first Broadway show experience is the best part of the job.

👑 As Princess Jasmine, Arielle Jacobs creates lasting memories for people who grew up with Aladdin.

💖 Being blown away by the audience's reactions and knowing she made a lasting impact is a rewarding experience.

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