Master the art of impactful communication and make people listen to bring positive change.

Learn how to speak effectively and avoid common mistakes in communication to make people listen and bring positive change.

00:00:00 How to effectively communicate to make people listen and bring positive change. Seven common speaking mistakes to avoid for impactful communication.

The power of human voice

Seven speaking habits to avoid

Negative impact of gossiping and judging others

00:01:30 How to communicate effectively and avoid common speaking mistakes. Four strong pillars for powerful communication.

:loud_sound: Complaining and negativity create a toxic environment and hinder effective communication.

:exclamation: Exaggeration and embellishment in speech diminish the credibility and trustworthiness of the speaker.

:speech_balloon: Mixing facts with personal opinions leads to a lack of clarity and makes it difficult to listen to the speaker.

00:03:01 Discover the power of speaking authentically and with love. Implement the four foundations of communication: honesty, authenticity, integrity, and love.

🗣️ Speaking with authenticity, sincerity, and honesty.

🔄 Being true to oneself and maintaining integrity.

💖 Wishing well for others and expressing love.

00:04:31 Discover the power of your voice as Julian Treasure shares tips on speaking effectively, from finding the right tone to using rhymes to make your words more engaging.

The power of our voice lies in the medium range, rather than using a high or low pitch.

We are drawn to voices that are rich, warm, and pleasing, but it is possible to train and improve the tone of our voice.

Rhyme enhances communication by turning words into songs, but using a monotonous tone makes it difficult for others to listen.

00:06:00 Learn effective speaking techniques: avoid rhyming sentences, embrace silence, vary your tone, and control your volume.

Using rhyme can limit the ability to use rhyme effectively while speaking.

Speaking too fast can diminish the clarity and meaning of what is being said.

Silence can be used strategically for impact and emphasis.

Using different tones can convey different meanings and intentions.

Avoid raising your voice excessively or shouting as it can be seen as irresponsible.

00:07:27 Learn effective communication techniques for important conversations. Warm up your voice and practice exercises for better articulation and projection. Improve your speaking skills!

🔑 The importance of using effective communication techniques in various situations.

🗣️ Warm up exercises to prepare your voice before speaking.

👄 Exercises to warm up the lips, tongue, and mouth for clearer speech.

00:08:56 Improve communication by speaking effectively in a suitable environment. Create a world where voices are heard, understanding is normal, and harmony prevails.

🗣️ Speaking effectively to be heard in a noisy environment.

🌍 Creating a world where effective communication is the norm.

👂 Designing environments for better listening and understanding.

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