Exploring Chengdu's Street Food Delicacies with $15 Budget

A street food tour in Chengdu with a $15 budget. Tasting the famous deep-fried pork ribs, crispy pork belly, sweet potato skin with chicken foot, spicy dishes, rabbit head, and frog BBQ.

00:00:00 Exploring Chengdu's famous street food alley with a budget of 100 RMB ($15). Testing the theory of cheap and tasty food. Sampled deep-fried pork ribs and spent 35 RMB on the first meal.

ðŸē Chengdu's street food is known for being cheap and tasty, with a variety of popular snacks from all over China.

💰 The narrator explores the food street with a budget of 100 renminbi ($15) to see how far it can take him.

🍖 One popular dish on the street is deep-fried crispy pork ribs loaded with chili powder.

00:02:30 A street food tour in Chengdu featuring delicious ribs, crispy pork belly, and grilled sweet potato skin with chicken foot. Long lines but worth the wait.

🍖 The recommended dish from the restaurant is the ribs, which are tender and crispy.

ðŸē The street food experience includes trying various dishes with different flavors and spices, such as crispy deep-fried pork belly.

ðŸĨ” One of the popular street foods is a grilled sweet potato skin filled with fresh ingredients, and the waiting time can be long.

00:05:00 A street food tour in Chengdu for $15. Spicy and oily food with radishes, greens, and cilantro. Also, a refreshing bing fan is enjoyed.

ðŸē The street food in Chengdu is reminiscent of a dish from Myanmar with its spicy and oily flavors, but is balanced by the freshness of radishes, crispy greens, cilantro, and spring onions.

💰 The street food is affordable, with the dish mentioned costing 12 currency units.

🍧 To refresh the palate, the speaker enjoys a dessert called bing fan, which is a jelly topped with peanuts, raisins, and a sweet syrup known as hong tang.

00:07:31 Join me on a street food tour in Chengdu where I try the famous rabbit head and spicy dishes. Discover the unique flavors and bustling atmosphere of the city.

🍧 The sweetness of the Bing Bin dessert satisfies the speaker's cravings after eating spicy and oily foods.

🐇 Rabbit heads and other rabbit products are commonly found in Chengdu, with a saying that no rabbit can leave the city alive.

🍗 The speaker tries a signature rabbit head and a rabbit leg, seeking guidance on how to eat the head.

00:10:01 A street food tour in Chengdu, China where the host eats various parts of an animal's head, including the brain, teeth, and meat around the eye.

ðŸ―ïļ The video is about a street food tour in Chengdu, where the host demonstrates how to eat a certain type of food.

🧠 The host explains that the brain of the food is edible and describes its texture as tender and flavorful.

👁ïļ Although the host accidentally destroys the head, they mention the meat around the eye as another part to taste.

00:12:31 A street food tour in Chengdu, China, featuring rabbit head and frog BBQ. Must-try delicacies in Chengdu.

🐰 Trying a rabbit head and leg in Chengdu, both delicious but preferring the head.

ðŸĒ Exploring the variety of street food stalls in Chengdu, including barbecued frog.

💰 Managing the budget while trying different street food items.

00:15:02 Join Dongdual on a Chengdu street food tour, trying a variety of delicious dishes including deep-fried ribs, sweet potato noodles, rabbit head, and frog on a stick. A mouthwatering mukbang experience!

ðŸŒķïļ The street food in Chengdu is incredibly delicious and spicy, with a variety of sauces and spices used.

💰 With 103 renminbi, one can enjoy a variety of dishes including deep-fried ribs, sweet potato noodly on a stick, rabbit head, rabbit leg, and frog on a stick.

ðŸ―ïļ The food experience was described as a mukbang, with the frog meat being tender and having a unique flavor, similar to a mix between chicken and fish.

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