Hangzhou Food Adventure: Exploring Hairy Crab Delicacy with Jasmine

Join a food adventure in Hangzhou, exploring the seasonal delicacy of hairy crab with Jasmine. Taste the delicious crab salad bowl, noodles with crab topping, and crunchy spring rolls with crab. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hangzhou with a visit to a cafe and famous tea shop.

00:00:00 Join me on a food adventure in Hangzhou, the elegant and charming capital city of jejung Province, as I explore the seasonal delicacy of hairy crab with my bestie Jasmine.

🦀 Hangzhou is known for its elegance and charm, just like the city's specialty, hairy crabs.

🍽️ During the visit, the narrator and their friend explore a restaurant in Hangzhou that specializes in hairy crab dishes.

💰 The restaurant offers a reasonably priced set meal, including various crab dishes like crab wontons and crab spring rolls.

00:01:59 A food adventure in Hangzhou featuring hairy crab. The crab salad bowl lacked soup, but the filling and skin were good. The noodles with crab topping were flavorful but a bit oily. Spring rolls with crab were crunchy and delicious.

🦀 The video is about an adventure in Hangzhou trying the famous hairy crab dish.

😋 The first dish, a crab salad bowl, lacked soup but had delicious filling and skin.

🍜 The noodles topped with crab were flavorful but became overwhelming after a few bites.

🌯 The spring rolls were anticipated for their crunch, moist inside, and crab flavor.

00:03:58 Exploring Hangzhou and trying the local cuisine, including wontons, in the company of Jasmine. Also, a visit to a beautiful restaurant and a walk through the green scenery of Hangzhou.

🦀 The video is about a food adventure in Hangzhou, featuring hairy crabs.

🥟 The crab wontons in the video were disappointing, with a strong flavor of MSG and a lack of crab taste.

🌳 The video also includes a visit to a cafe in Hangzhou and a description of a beautiful private dining experience.

00:06:00 Hangzhou food adventure featuring beautiful Cafe and famous tea. Coffee vs. tea discussion and seafood exploration.

🦀 Hangzhou is famous for its hairy crab.

🌿 Sogo coffee in Hangzhou has a beautiful interior design with glass windows overlooking greenery.

🍵 Hangzhou is known for its longjing tea, also known as Dragon World tea.

00:07:59 Exploring Hangzhou and enjoying tea in a beautiful location near West Lake. Shopping at the NCT shopping district.

🦀 The video is about a food adventure in Hangzhou, focusing on hairy crab.

🍵 The host discusses their experience with tea, including finding peppermint tea and the price of a teapot.

🏞️ They explore the NCT shopping district near the West Lake in Hangzhou.

00:10:00 Exploring a vintage market, taking fun photos, and trying Hangzhou's hottest food street. A day of adventure with Jasmine!

🦀 Exploring a vintage market and trying out unique accessories and photo opportunities.

📸 Posing for Polaroid pictures with vintage objects and accessories in a cool shop.

🍽️ Discovering a popular food street and trying a challenging coconut egg dish.

00:12:01 A hilarious attempt at opening a coconut, with unexpected results. Despite the failure, the taste is still good. Next stop: Shanghai with Jasmine!

🥥 Trying to open a coconut with a unique method proved to be challenging and resulted in a hole, but the taste was still enjoyable.

The challenge was to finish drinking the juice from the coconut quickly, and it was accomplished in just five seconds.

🌴 Despite the failed attempt, the advantage of removing the coconut's shell was that the whole thing was edible and delicious.

Summary of a video "Hangzhou HAIRY CRAB food adventure!!!! (ft. Jasmine!)" by Blondie in China on YouTube.

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