Protecting Water and Addressing Diaper Waste in Java's Rivers

A documentary about protecting water and raising awareness about pollution. Follow an expedition to explore three rivers in Java and address the issue of diaper waste.

00:00:02 A documentary about Prigi Arisandi's mission to protect water and raise awareness about pollution. Follow his journey to explore three rivers in Java Island.

The video discusses the negative impact of throwing diapers and other trash into rivers, causing harm to fish populations.

Prigi Arisandi is highlighted as an advocate for protecting water sources and maintaining their quality.

The documentary series aims to explore the real identity of Prigi Arisandi and his work in relation to the rivers in Java Island.

00:03:02 A journey capturing the conflict between industries and communities due to government absence in managing river pollution. The expedition explores Brantas, Bengawan Solo, and Citarum rivers in Java, highlighting their importance for water supply.

🌊 The video explores the pollution caused by industries and communities discharging wastewater into rivers.

🌿 The expedition brings together researchers, activists, local communities, and journalists to combine scientific work, field investigation, and social movement.

🔍 The team embarks on a 3 River Expedition to assess the condition of Brantas River, Bengawan Solo, and Citarum, which provide raw water for millions of people.

00:06:02 An expedition to protect the rivers of East Java, led by the Rivers Guardians. They track and collect diaper waste and uncover its sources, aiming to raise awareness and safeguard the environment.

🌊 The team known as Rivers Guardians of East Java, also called Jaga Kali, is dedicated to protecting the rivers.

👥 The team consists of river experts in biology, environmental science, industrial pollution, and environmental engineering.

🏞️ They document and visualize the river conditions through photo exhibitions and track the sources of pollution, including diaper waste.

00:09:39 The video discusses the harmful effects of throwing diapers into rivers and emphasizes the importance of preserving rivers as a source of drinking water.

🌊 Diapers thrown into rivers are contaminating the water supply for millions of people.

🚫 It is important to stop throwing diapers into rivers to protect the water source.

🗑️ Efforts are being made to clean up the rivers and raise awareness about the issue.

00:12:43 A movement called Diaper Evacuation Brigade aims to reduce diaper waste pollution in rivers in East Java. The group advocates for the use of cloth diapers and proper disposal methods, highlighting the negative effects of plastic diapers on the environment.

🌊 Diaper waste pollution is a significant problem in Surabaya, Gresik, and throughout East Java, impacting rivers and fish populations.

🚫 To address this issue, the Diaper Evacuation Brigade advocates for reducing the use of single-use diapers and encourages the use of cloth diapers.

🗑️ Efforts are being made to collect and treat diaper waste, as it is estimated that millions of diaper pieces are disposed of in rivers every day.

00:15:37 The video discusses the presence of microplastics in rivers and its impact on fish hormones and ecosystems. Researchers found that 80% of fish in the Brantas River have become intersex due to ingesting microplastics. The study also examines fish species, fertility, and heavy metal content.

The use of gel powder containing microplastics in women's sanitary pads and diapers is contaminating water and affecting hormonal development.

Research conducted in the Brantas River found that 80% of the fish were female, indicating an imbalance in the fish population due to changes in hormones caused by microplastic ingestion.

Further research revealed that 80% of fish stomach samples contained microplastic fragments and fibers.

00:18:35 The video explores an expedition on three major rivers in Java to find and address the issue of diaper waste and its impact on the environment and future generations.

🌊 The 3 River Expedition in 2021 focused on the Brantas, Bengawan Solo, and Citarum rivers, which are the biggest rivers on Java Island.

💧 The expedition aimed to address the issue of diaper waste in the river channels and explore how our actions are negatively impacting the rivers and the future generations.

🌱 Plastic waste poses a danger to the environment, and understanding the difference between plastic and natural alternatives like banana leaves is important in finding sustainable solutions.

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