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macOS Sonoma Released with over 100 new features including lock screen customization, widget sync with iPhone apps, PDF editing in Notes app, enhanced video calls, and improved Safari features.

00:00:00 macOS Sonoma has been released with over 100 new features. The update includes a new lock screen, translucent time and dates, and the ability to use screen savers as wallpapers. There are also new wallpapers and the option to add photos or albums as wallpapers. Additionally, the update introduces widgets on the desktop, allowing users to add and customize them. These widgets can also be synced with iPhone or iPad apps. The widgets are dynamic and can be interacted with directly on the desktop. Users can also adjust the appearance of the widgets in the settings.

šŸ”’ The lock screen in Mac OS Sonoma has been redesigned with a more translucent look and a moving background.

šŸ–¼ļø Mac OS Sonoma offers a wide variety of new wallpapers, including the Apple TV screensavers.

šŸ“Š Widgets in Mac OS Sonoma have been expanded and can now be placed on the desktop with added functionality and customization options.

00:05:23 macOS Sonoma introduces over 100 new features including monochrome widgets, customizable desktop and Stage Manager settings, typing indicators, predictive text, improved autocorrect, enhanced dictation, and PDF editing in the Notes app.

macOS Sonoma introduces widget styles, allowing for monochrome or full-color widgets based on desktop usage.

iPhone widgets can now be used on Mac, with the option to change widget sizes on the fly.

Desktop and Stage Manager settings offer customization of desktop items, widget visibility, and app window display.

New features include a click wallpaper to reveal desktop, improved typing and autocorrect, enhanced dictation functionality, and PDF editing in the Notes app.

00:10:48 macOS Sonoma introduces new features to the Notes application, including the ability to name notes, easy PDF navigation, markup options, autofill for addresses and passwords, highlighting text, and linking to other notes. It also brings enhancements to video calls, such as portrait adjustments, AR-based reactions, presenter overlay, and improved screen sharing.

macOS Sonoma introduces new features in the Notes application, such as the ability to name notes, display PDFs vertically, and autofill addresses and passwords.

Markup in the Notes application allows users to easily highlight and link to other notes, eliminating the need for the Preview application.

Video call updates include gesture-based reactions, presenter overlay feature during screen sharing, and improved camera detection and centering.

00:16:13 macOS Sonoma introduces over 100 new features including Center Stage for video calls, Desk View for a top-down view, improved AirPods auto switching, customizable profiles in Safari, the ability to select and move multiple tabs, locked tabs in private browsing, and web applications in the dock.

šŸ“± Center Stage allows users to choose between different lenses on their phone for a top-down view.

šŸŽ„ In video calls, users can now easily adjust settings such as portrait, studio light, and mic mode directly from the status bar.

šŸŒ Safari introduces new features including the ability to show icons for favorites, customizable profiles for different browsing preferences, and the option to have web applications in the dock.

00:21:37 macOS Sonoma Released - What's New? Enhanced security, password sharing with family, private browsing options, developer panel, enhanced extension control, game mode, DirectX 12 support, pointer acceleration disablement.

šŸš€ MacOS Sonoma has introduced over 100 new features, including the ability to add web applications to the dock and enhanced security measures to prevent tracking and fingerprinting.

šŸ”‘ Users can now share passwords and passkeys with family members, manage shared passwords in groups, and have better control over password options and two-factor authentication codes.

šŸ•µļøā€ā™‚ļø There are several improvements for developers, such as a new developer panel, feature flags, and Apple's password manager being available in third-party browsers like Chrome.

šŸŽ® MacOS Sonoma introduces a game mode that prioritizes performance for gaming, reduces latency with wireless accessories, and adds DirectX 12 support.

šŸ–±ļø Mouse users can now disable pointer acceleration on MacOS, enhancing their control and precision.

00:27:04 macOS Sonoma Released with over 100 new features including improved screen sharing app, better organization in screen time settings, new options for reducing eye strain and detecting sensitive content, enhancements to accessibility and privacy, changes to lock screen and photos application, and updates to weather app.

šŸ” Improved organization and new features in screen time settings on macOS Sonoma

šŸ‘¶ Introduction of screen distance option to reduce eye strain in children

šŸ“ø Detection of explicit photos and videos on child's device in communication safety feature

šŸ”’ Ability to disable app and website activity without turning off screen time

ā° Convenient back and forward arrows in Finder for easy navigation

šŸŽ™ļø Change from beta to live captions in accessibility settings

šŸ‘€ New option to automatically hide and show the menu bar

šŸ—£ļø Ability to use the S word without saying 'Hey' in Siri and Spotlight settings

šŸ“· Detection of sensitive content warning in privacy and security settings

šŸ” Improved features in lockdown mode

šŸ‘„ Addition of pets to the people tab in the photos application

šŸŒ¦ļø Enhancements in the weather application, including wind map and averages

00:32:28 macOS Sonoma Released - What's New? (100+ New Features)

šŸ“§ The Mail application has new features such as showing travel-related emails at the top of search results and the ability to add big emojis into messages.

šŸ“Ž In the Finder, when you download an attachment from an email, a mail icon appears next to it, allowing you to easily reply to the sender straight from the Finder.

šŸ“ The Reminders application now has grocery lists that auto-populate and suggest sections based on machine learning, and the Notes application has a new paragraph style called mono-spaced.

šŸ” The Messages application has new search filters that allow users to quickly find messages from specific contacts and filter by content type.

šŸŽØ MacOS Sonoma introduces stickers and allows users to react to messages with stickers in various applications.

šŸ”’ In the Find My application, users can now share an AirTag or a Find My accessory with up to five people.

šŸ  The Home application now includes activity history for home kit enabled devices.

šŸŽ„ There is faster video encoding in Final Cut Pro, Compressor, and other third-party video apps for M1 Ultra or M2 Ultra machines.

šŸ–„ļø There are minor UI changes such as rounded edges in the spotlight search, dock, and app icons.

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