Revolutionizing Art: Edward Manet's Journey Towards Modernity

French artist Edward Manet defies rejection and revolutionizes art with innovative style influenced by Spanish Baroque painting and Japanese prints.

00:00:00 Edward Manet, a French artist associated with Impressionism, sought success in the official Salon de Paris. Born in 1832, Manet overcame resistance from his bourgeois family to pursue his artistic vocation and trained in renowned workshops.

🎨 Edward Manet introduced thematic and technical innovations in his paintings, placing him in the Impressionism movement.

🏛️ Manet aimed to succeed in the official Salon de Paris, distancing himself from independent forums.

✍️ Despite initial resistance from his family, Manet pursued his artistic calling and trained in a prestigious workshop.

00:01:06 Manet, towards modernity. In 1859, he presents his first rejected artwork, but later gains recognition with a Spanish-themed piece. His innovative style, influenced by Spanish Baroque painting and Japanese prints, attracts young artists. Gradually, he incorporates scenes of Parisian life.

🎨 Manet's early works were rejected but he gained recognition with his portraits and Spanish-themed paintings.

👥 Manet's unique style attracted young artists who supported him and encouraged him to create more ambitious artworks.

🌆 Over time, Manet started incorporating scenes of Parisian life into his paintings, moving away from solely focusing on Spanish themes.

00:02:21 In 1863, Manet delivered a major blow to the structures of the Paris Salon with his controversial work 'Déjeuner sur l'herbe'. Despite criticism, his art attracted young artists. In 1865, he faced further scandal with his paintings 'Christ Mocked by Soldiers' and 'Olympia'. His rejection led him to deepen his admiration for Velázquez's paintings.

🖼️ In 1863, Manet's painting 'Breakfast on the Grass' caused controversy and was rejected by the official jury.

🎨 Manet's artworks, such as 'Christ Mocked by Soldiers' and 'Olympia', continued to shock the public and provoke scandal.

🇪🇸 Manet's trip to Spain deepened his admiration for Velázquez and influenced his artistic style.

00:03:23 Manet defies rejection and public mockery by organizing a private exhibition. He critiques Napoleon III's regime through his paintings, including the execution of Maximilian.

🎨 Manet's works showcase a revival of Spanish influence, as seen in 'El Torero' displayed at the 1867 Universal Exhibition in Paris.

👥 Manet faces criticism and rejection from the public and art critics, leading to a sense of despair.

⚖️ In response to Napoleon III's politics, Manet paints 'The Execution of Maximilian,' drawing inspiration from Goya's 'The Third of May' to convey his critique.

00:04:28 Manet's journey towards modernity is characterized by his rejection from the salon and his exploration of vibrant colors and rapid brushstrokes. He remained an independent painter, capturing contemporary life in landscapes and lively urban scenes.

⭐️ Manet's success in the salon leads to annual rejections, until he achieves great success in 1873.

🎨 In 1874, Manet paints with a more vibrant technique, using rapid brushstrokes and focusing on light effects.

🌆 Before leaving Paris in 1878, Manet creates a rich series of urban landscapes depicting breweries, cafes, and other lively centers.

00:05:33 Manet, towards modernity. Manet's use of pastels to portray numerous female figures. His last significant work, 'The Bar at Fisberg', challenged academic art and inspired young artists. A career between realism and impressionism.

🎨 Manet used pastel to portray numerous female figures and introduced innovations to challenge academic art.

🏛️ One of Manet's last significant works was titled 'Le Bar de Fisberg' and featured mysterious composition and spatial expansions.

🎭 Manet aimed for success in the salon and influenced young artists to continue in the line between realism and impressionism.

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