Differences in iPhone functionality between China and the rest of the world

Explore the functional differences between iPhones in China and abroad, including network protocols, Facetime usage, content censorship, and Apple Pay functionalities.

00:00:00 Explore the differences between the features of iPhone 15 in China and abroad, including the seven to eight functions that are unavailable in China, such as eSIM and the Coquit ZALLKIT feature.

📱 The iPhone 15 in China has different features compared to the international version.

📵 One of the features removed from the Chinese iPhone is esim, due to concerns about telecom fraud.

📞 Another removed feature is the ability to directly answer calls from certain apps, such as Facetime and WhatsApp.

00:02:53 Discover the differences in iPhone functionality between China and the rest of the world, including missed call notifications, walkie talkie feature, and multi-device integration.

📞 One key difference between iPhones in China and other countries is the handling of incoming calls from messaging apps like WeChat.

🔕 In China, certain features like the call notification sound and the ability to view missed calls from messaging apps have been disabled on iPhones.

📶 The walkie talkie feature, which allows for direct communication between iPhones on the same Wi-Fi network, has also been disabled in China.

00:05:47 Exploring the differences between the features of iPhone in China and other countries, such as the inability to use certain functions due to government restrictions.

📱 In China, certain features of iPhones are restricted due to government regulations.

☁️ Messaging and file-sharing between two users in the same location is slower because the data has to go through the server.

🚫 The 'walkie talkie' feature, called Fair Talk, allowed users to communicate offline through a network of connected devices but was later banned.

00:08:39 Explore the functional differences between iPhones in China and abroad. Features like network protocols, Facetime usage, satellite rescue, and mmWave technology vary.

🌟 The communication protocols in iPhone have versatile uses like transmitting data in a relay-like manner.

📞 The Facetime feature in iPhones has limitations in China, where it can only be used for video calls and not audio calls.

🚀 The satellite rescue feature in iPhones is not available in China, and users have to rely on another brand for this service.

📶 Chinese iPhones do not support mmWave technology for 5G, unlike the international versions, resulting in slower network speeds in China.

00:11:33 A comparison of features between Chinese and international versions of iPhone, including differences in 5G capabilities and Apple Pay functionalities. The video also discusses content censorship and the absence of services like Apple Arcade, Apple News, and Apple TV in China.

📱 In the Chinese iPhone, certain features are missing compared to the international version, such as 5G capabilities and Apple Pay features.

💳 The Apple Card, a credit card with various benefits and services, is not available in China.

🕹️ Apple's gaming subscription service, Arcade, is not available in China due to strict content review policies.

📰 Apple News and Apple TV also face challenges in China due to censorship and content review issues.

00:14:27 Explore the functional differences between Apple iPhones in China and abroad. Content restrictions on Apple TV, Apple Books, Podcasts, and games exist in China, but can be accessed with a foreign Apple ID.

💡 In China, there are several functional differences in iPhones compared to those in other countries.

📺 Apple TV and Apple Plus programs cannot be accessed in China.

📚 The availability of books and podcasts on Apple devices in China is limited.

📱 Certain apps and games are not available for download in China.

🌐 Creating multiple Apple IDs (one for China and one for another country) can provide access to different apps and services.

00:17:23 iPhone 15 may have some functionality differences between domestic and international versions, including content control, ECM, Facetime, satellite rescue, and Apple Pay. Availability and subsidies in China are worth waiting for, depending on potential expanded restrictions.

📱 The release of iPhone 15 is imminent, but it is uncertain if it will continue to lack certain features that are controlled in the country.

🔌 It is unlikely that ECM will be supported despite occasional claims of technological advancements.

📞 Facetime may only offer video calls and not voice calls, and satellite rescue services may not be available domestically.

💰 There may be limited changes to Apple Pay, and users can bypass certain restrictions by registering a US account.

🌏 The availability of iPhone 15 and potential subsidies in the domestic market depends on the expansion of restrictions and personal choices.

💳 Considerations for purchasing a foreign iPhone include the absence of a physical credit card and the need to use the local network.

📲 Buying grey market iPhones may come with limitations, such as the inability to make calls or access certain features.

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