Unconventional Living: From Floating Villages to Cliffside Monasteries

Unique and unconventional places where people live, facing exploitation and extreme weather conditions. From floating villages to cliffside monasteries, these locations are rich in history and natural beauty.

00:00:00 10 strange places people live. From the suspended temple in China to the floating village in Cambodia, these unique locations are home to millions of people. Rich in history and surrounded by natural beauty.

🏯 The suspended temple in Datong, China, is a popular tourist attraction and a unique place of worship.

🌊 Chong Khneas floating village in Cambodia is home to over 1.2 million people who rely on fishing and tourism for their livelihood.

🐟 The Tonlé Sap lake is abundant in fish species, making it a rich source of sustenance for the villagers.

00:01:31 People living in unconventional houses face exploitation from the tourism industry. Yakoutsk, the coldest city in the world, experiences temperatures as low as -64°C, making life extremely difficult.

🐟 Over half of Cambodia's fish supply comes from the lake, but the people are exploited by unethical tourism practices.

❄️ Yakutsk is officially the coldest city in the world, with temperatures dropping below -50 degrees Celsius.

🥶 Living in Yakutsk during winter is extremely challenging, with basic activities becoming difficult.

00:03:06 People live underground in the opal mining town of Coober Pedy in the Australian Outback. They rely on inventive solutions to thrive in extreme weather conditions.

Coober Pedy is a mining town in the Australian outback where people live underground

The underground houses in Coober Pedy provide protection from extreme weather conditions

Freedom Cove in Tofino, British Columbia is a unique eco-friendly community

00:04:41 A couple has created a floating paradise with essential elements like an art gallery and solar panels. Living here requires resilience and self-sufficiency as the nearest city is 45 minutes away by boat. Despite the challenges, they find satisfaction and peace in this way of life.

🏡 Wayne Adams and Catherine King have created a self-sustaining floating farm that includes essential elements such as an art gallery, a dance floor, a lighthouse, greenhouses, solar panels, and a generator.

⛩️ Larung Gar is the largest Tibetan Buddhist institution in the world, founded in 1980, and is a spiritual oasis and tourist destination in the Sichuan province of China.

🏔️ Larung Gar's landscape is remarkable, with thousands of small red houses spread across the hills around the main prayer halls.

00:06:16 People live in isolated spiritual valley for photography or spiritual discovery. In Bucharest, hundreds of people, including 1100 children, live in underground tunnels due to the closure of orphanages. Little support is offered to them.

🌍 People from around the world visit a secluded spiritual valley for photography and spiritual discovery.

🏰 In Bucharest, Romania, hundreds of people, including 1100 children, live in the underground sewage system due to lack of homes and support.

💔 These individuals living in the sewage system face desperate conditions with little help from the government.

00:07:41 People living in secluded houses and a cliffside village with a dramatic history.

People live in unusual and isolated houses, such as underground tunnels and an island in Iceland.

The island of Ellidaey in Iceland was once a popular spot for puffin hunters, and a house was built for bird enthusiasts.

The cliffside village has become a tourist attraction, but it was previously inhabited by extremely poor residents.

00:09:07 People live in houses accessible only by bamboo ladders. The government invested in a steel ladder to improve safety. Monasteries were built on top of giant rocks. Climbing was the only way to access them in the past.

🏠 People live in houses accessible only by precarious ladders.

💰 Government invests money to replace old ladders with a safer steel ladder.

🏢 Residents are relocated to furnished buildings in the nearest city.

⛰️ Monasteries were built on top of giant rocks with breathtaking views.

🧗‍♂️ In the past, climbing was the only way to access the monasteries.

🌍 Climbing is now considered an alternative activity to appreciate the unique landscape.

00:10:37 People actually live in these houses, which have been shaped by constant erosion and geological changes over time. These monasteries in Meteora, Greece are UNESCO World Heritage sites and popular tourist attractions.

🏰 The rock formations in Meteora, Greece have been shaped by erosion over time.

🏞️ There are six active monasteries and a small number of monks or nuns living in Meteora.

🌍 Meteora is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a popular tourist destination in Greece.

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