Revelations about an important figure in Egypt's intelligence community

A shocking confession by a former intelligence director reveals his involvement in orchestrating violence and destruction

00:00:00 A shocking confession by Sisi reveals his involvement in orchestrating violence and destruction, claiming he was the intelligence director with firsthand knowledge.

🔑 The video discusses a confession made by the president regarding his involvement with intelligence agencies and his knowledge of their actions.

📽️ The president justifies his actions by claiming that he was the director of military intelligence and was aware of the events that occurred.

💣 The confession reveals the president's role in orchestrating acts of vandalism and his direct involvement in intelligence operations.

00:01:03 A shocking confession by Nasser exposes the incompetence of Egypt's intelligence agencies. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam remains forgotten while they focus on trivial matters.

🔑 The speaker, who claims to be a former intelligence director, exposes the incompetence and self-importance of the intelligence agencies in Egypt.

⚠️ The speaker highlights the negligence towards national security and the focus on trivial matters rather than important issues like the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

🔍 The speaker reveals his awareness of the corruption and criminal activities happening in the country and the role of intelligence in monitoring them.

00:02:05 Nasser: Shocking confession by Sisi.. I was the director of intelligence and knew everything the thugs were doing!

🔑 The speaker claims to have been the director of intelligence and knowledgeable about the actions of the authorities.

💣 The speaker implies that there are serious accusations against the current government regarding their involvement in criminal activities.

🤥 The speaker criticizes the current ruler, claiming that they are the biggest liar.

00:03:09 A shocking confession from Sisi: I used to be the director of intelligence, and I knew all the thuggery that was going on!

🔑 The speaker reveals a shocking confession about the leader's involvement in criminal activities.

🙇‍♂️ The speaker discloses their previous role as the director of intelligence and their knowledge of the thuggery's actions.

💸 The speaker exposes the corrupt practices of paying criminals to carry out evil deeds.

00:04:14 Shocking confession by Sisi: I was the head of intelligence and witnessed the thuggery! Brings up past meetings with revolution youth.

🔑 The speaker accuses the Egyptian President of being involved in criminal activities, specifically in relation to the intelligence agency.

🌐 The speaker challenges the President to prove his claim of being a former intelligence director and knowing about the criminal activities.

🗣️ A participant questions the speaker's accusations and asks why he didn't hold meetings with them if they were involved in criminal activities.

00:05:18 The video discusses revelations about the actions of an important figure in Egypt's intelligence community during the revolution.

🔑 The speaker accuses President Sisi of corruption and links him to the distribution of drugs and the suppression of the 2011 revolution.

💣 The speaker claims that the government falsely portrayed themselves as leaders of the revolution and warns against the Muslim Brotherhood stealing the revolution.

👮‍♂️ The speaker accuses the officer of being a liar, presents evidence of his involvement in corruption, and accuses him of collaborating with criminal groups.

Summary of a video "ناصر: اعترااااااف خطير للسيسي.. كنت مدير للمخابرات وعارف كل اللي بيعمله البلطجيـ ـة!" by قناة مكملين - الرسمية on YouTube.

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