Understanding the Nature of Technology: Philosophy of Technology Course Introduction

Introduction of Philosophy of Technology course, exploring nature of technology from multiple disciplines. Includes topics like transhumanism and ethical issues.

00:00:05 Introduction and Course Outline for Philosophy of Technology with Dr. Josh Redstone. The instructor introduces himself and discusses the syllabus and objectives of the class, emphasizing the importance of understanding the fundamental nature of technology.

🎓 The video is an introduction to a philosophy of technology course, with the professor providing an overview of the syllabus and learning objectives.

📚 The class aims to explore the fundamental nature of technology and its impact on society, going beyond the common perception of technology as simple tools.

👨‍🏫 The professor encourages a relaxed and informal environment, addressing himself as Josh and emphasizing the importance of online learning during the pandemic.

00:09:46 This video introduces a philosophy of technology course, discussing the fundamental nature of technology and exploring different philosophical traditions. The instructor emphasizes the importance of approaching the topic from multiple disciplines and addresses potential ethical issues.

📚 We will be examining the fundamental nature of technology from both analytic and continental traditions in philosophy.

🌍 The course will explore the relationship between technology and individuals, society, animals, and the world.

⚖️ Ethical issues in technological advances, such as treatment of workers and environmental concerns, will be discussed.

00:19:26 This video is an introduction to a philosophy of technology course. It covers the course outline, expectations, assignments, and topics that will be discussed throughout the course.

📚 The course website on Brightspace is the main source of information for this class, including powerpoints and materials.

📝 Students are expected to complete three reading responses and a term paper, which counts as a take-home final exam.

🧠 The course covers topics such as philosophy of science and technology, technocracy, rationality, phenomenology, hermeneutics, deep fakes, and feminism in relation to technology.

00:29:08 Introduction and Course Outline on the Philosophy of Technology by Dr. Josh Redstone. Explores the nature of language as a tool for thinking and its relationship to technology. Discusses the distinction between natural and artificial and introduces topics like transhumanism.

🗣️ Language can be considered a cognitive technology that allows us to assimilate new concepts.

🔧 Tools used by animals and humans have similarities, but technology goes beyond simple tools and affects how we exist in the world.

🌍 The course will explore topics such as feminism, non-Western technology, and the ecological movement in relation to philosophy of technology.

00:38:46 This YouTube video is an introduction to a philosophy of technology course. The video discusses the concept of transhumanism and the potential future of technology. It also provides information about the course structure and expectations.

💡 Transhumanism is a social and philosophical movement aimed at developing human enhancement technologies.

🚀 Some of the transhumanist ideas, such as the singularity theory and merging with machines, are viewed as both compelling and nutty.

📚 The philosophy of technology explores the impact and direction of technology, including ads in dreams and the ethical considerations in technological advancements.

00:48:26 Dr. Josh Redstone discusses the importance of critically engaging with ideas, asking questions, and deconstructing concepts in the field of philosophy. He also provides guidance on how to write a term paper and emphasizes the importance of proper citation and avoiding plagiarism.

📚 The course focuses on critically engaging with ideas and deconstructing them.

💡 The term paper requires an interesting topic, research question, outline, and annotated bibliography.

📝 The importance of well-written and properly cited papers to avoid plagiarism.

00:58:07 This video introduces a Philosophy of Technology course, discussing support for students with disabilities and addressing sexual violence and accommodations. Important information and readings are also mentioned.

The Paul Mentioned Center provides support for students with disabilities.

There is no tolerance for sexual violence on campus, and survivors will be supported.

There are accommodations for students with extracurricular activities.

Summary of a video "Introduction and Course Outline | Philosophy of Technology | Dr. Josh Redstone" by Mind and Metal on YouTube.

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