'IT계 거장' 박태웅 exposes the importance of AI literacy in Korea's response to the AI era.

IT expert Park Tae-woong criticizes the lack of AI knowledge in the ruling party's use of chatGPT, highlighting potential backlash and ethical dilemmas.

00:00:00 IT expert Park Tae-woong discusses the political implications of Chat GPT and the need for AI literacy in Korea's response to the AI era.

🔥 The popularity of the conversational AI service, Chat GPT is growing rapidly in Korea.

💡 To effectively respond to the AI era, it is crucial for the country to have AI literacy and understanding of what artificial intelligence is.

💻 The GPU V100, capable of performing 125 teraflops of deep learning computations in one second, is a significant hardware development in the field of artificial intelligence.

00:02:15 Renowned figure in the IT industry, Park Tae-woong criticizes the lack of AI knowledge in the conservative party, which could lead to heavy criticism.

👉 In the past, expert systems were used to mimic human judgment, but they had limitations.

🔍 Deep learning with neural networks has revolutionized artificial intelligence by surpassing expert systems.

💡 However, there is a challenge in explaining the decision-making process of neural networks.

00:04:26 Renowned IT expert Park Tae-woong criticizes the use of chatGPT by the ruling party, revealing their lack of AI knowledge and expecting backlash.

🔑 GPT is a conversational AI model that can generate text, images, and videos based on its training.

🔒 GPT uses a transformer model and attention mechanism to predict the next word in a sentence.

💰 OpenAI invested a significant amount of money in the research and development of GPT, including receiving additional funding from Microsoft.

00:06:38 Renowned IT figure Park Tae-woong expressed doubts about the ruling party's use of chatGPT without AI knowledge. He warned of backlash and highlighted the importance of ethical considerations in accepting AI-generated conclusions.

Developing AI with significant hardware investment and extensive data input leads to a natural monopoly.

Ethical concerns arise regarding the interpretation of AI decisions and their acceptance by society.

Research on explainable AI is crucial for addressing critical issues related to human survival and ethics.

00:08:52 IT expert Park Tae-woong criticizes the use of chatGPT by the ruling party, highlighting the potential for AI to widen societal disparities and the ethical dilemmas surrounding AI literacy and decision-making.

📊 The utilization of AI could potentially widen the gap in society, as it can discern truth from lies more accurately than humans.

💰 The availability of better AI is dependent on financial resources and power, leading to a significant disparity between those who have access to it and those who don't.

🛠️ The ethical considerations surrounding AI, such as how it should prioritize protecting human life and making decisions in certain situations, are complex and require further discussion.

00:11:04 'IT계 거장' 박태웅 exposes the lack of AI literacy in Korea, highlighting the importance of preparing for the AI industry. He emphasizes the ability to ask and discern answers as crucial and criticizes the problematic approach of publicizing misleading information. Additionally, he discusses the potential impact of AI on jobs and the need to address ethical concerns.

🤖 The lack of preparation and discussion on AI literacy in South Korea is concerning.

💡 The development of conversational AI with the ability to discern true answers is crucial.

🔑 There is a need to address ethical and industrial challenges in the age of AI.

00:13:15 IT expert Park Tae-woong criticizes the lack of AI knowledge in the South Korean political party. He highlights the limitations of the Korean language in AI development.

📺 The video discusses the limitations of the Korean language in the development of AI, specifically related to Naver and Kakao platforms.

📚 The Korean web ecosystem has developed in a distorted way, resulting in low-quality data and compromised AI algorithms.

There is an urgent need to address the issues and develop a global approach to AI literacy in Korea.

Summary of a video "'IT계 거장' 박태웅 "국민의힘, chatGPT 활용? AI 지식 없다고 폭로한 셈.. 3배로 욕 먹을 일" - 박태웅 [신장식의 뉴스하이킥], MBC 230210 방송" by MBC 라디오 시사 on YouTube.

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