The Effect of Workout Volume on Muscle Gains

Explore the impact of workout volume on muscle gains and the concept of diminishing returns. Find out the optimal volume and effort level for maximum gains.

00:00:00 In this video, the speaker discusses the relationship between training volume and muscle growth. They reference a recent study that found higher training volumes led to worse growth. They also explore the concept of diminishing returns in volume and its impact on gains.

💡 Higher training volumes can lead to worse muscle growth.

💡 A recent study found that just five sets per week caused the most hypertrophy, while 20 sets caused the worst.

💡 There is a dose-response relationship between volume and hypertrophy, but there is a point of diminishing returns.

00:01:23 The effect of workout volume on muscle gains is individual, but most people see results with 10-20 sets per muscle per week. Excessive volume without intensity can hinder progress.

💡 For most people, the ideal workout volume is between 10 to 20 tough sets per muscle per week.

🔍 Focusing too much on volume and neglecting training intensity can hinder muscle gains.

📚 A study showed that increasing workout volume up to 20 sets per muscle per week can be beneficial, but beyond that, gains start to taper off.

00:02:47 A study showed that the group doing the fewest sets per week saw the best gains, contradicting the traditional volume model. Advanced lifters require more volume for progress, while less trained individuals benefit from lower volume. There is also a threshold where additional sets don't provide extra benefit.

💡 The study showed that a lower volume of workout sets per week led to the best gains in strength and muscle.

📚 The subjects in the study were not very advanced in training, suggesting that less trained individuals may benefit more from lower volume workouts.

🔬 The concept of a per session volume threshold suggests that beyond a certain number of sets in a workout, there is no additional benefit in terms of muscle growth.

00:04:12 Splitting up your training volume across multiple workouts throughout the week may be more beneficial than doing all the volume in one workout. Overdoing volume in a single workout can impede progress.

💪 Working out with a high volume of sets per body part can lead to a decline in training quality and feeling wrecked after the workout.

🗓️ Splitting up the sets across multiple workouts throughout the week can allow for better work quality and reduce post-workout fatigue.

📚 Recent studies suggest that overdoing volume, especially in a single workout, can impede progress and the importance of appropriately splitting up training.

00:05:35 Workout volume and effort can either kill or maximize gains. High volume with low effort is ineffective. High effort and high volume can lead to overtraining. High effort with low volume can still result in gains.

💪 High volume with low effort kills gains.

🔥 High intensity without adjusting volume leads to overtraining and kills gains.

⏱️ High effort with low volume can still result in solid progress for busy people.

00:06:58 The video discusses different approaches to workout volume and intensity and concludes that a moderate to high volume with a moderate level of effort yields the best gains.

⚡️ The intensity of low volume workouts should be very high, but this approach can still yield results without hindering gains.

📈 Optimizing gains can be achieved through a moderate to high volume of training with a moderate level of effort, leaving a few reps in the tank.

🔑 Leaving a few reps in the tank allows for more high-quality volume, leading to optimal gains.

00:08:22 The video discusses workout volume and its impact on gains, with additional information about promotions and resources.

💪 Workout volume is a controversial and complex topic.

📚 There are additional resources available to learn more about volume, including videos and articles.

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