The Journey of a Dental Specialist: Quality Care and Patient Education

An interview with a dentist specialized in full mouth reconstructions and temporomandibular joint disorders, highlighting the importance of quality care and patient education.

00:00:00 Dr. Moyes Kakiani, an eminent prosthodontist and oral implantologist, discusses the concept of full mouth rehabilitations and why he chose prosthodontics over other branches. He also highlights the various options available to prosthodontists, such as smile designing and more.

🔑 Dr. Moyes Kakiani discusses full mouth rehabilitations and his journey in prosthodontics.

💡 Dr. Kakiani explains why he chose prosthodontics and his passion for aesthetic dentistry.

🌟 He highlights the various options available in prosthodontics beyond crown and bridges and dentures.

00:05:28 A dentist discusses the importance of prosthetic dentistry, particularly in full mouth reconstructions and implant dentistry, emphasizing the need for a prosthetic acumen in achieving long-term success with implants. TM joint management and supporting cancer survivors are also mentioned.

📚 Different areas of dentistry have specific books for study, except for prosthodontics which is a complex field.

🦷 Prosthodontics is essential for successful dental implant treatments and full mouth reconstructions.

💪 Prosthodontists play a crucial role in managing TM joint disorders and providing functional and aesthetic reconstructions for cancer survivors.

🌟 The speaker's outlook on full mouth reconstructions was driven by a desire for challenge and a belief in the potential to improve patient lives.

00:10:56 A dentist shares their journey as a FMR Specialist and emphasizes the importance of connecting with patients and providing quality treatment regardless of location or budget constraints.

Teaching is in my blood - I read with the perspective of explaining in a simplified manner.

Full mouth reconstruction is like a buffet - treating multiple issues at once.

Convincing patients for full mouth rehabs - mindset and emotional connection are important.

Explaining the amplitude of problems to patients - comparing it to a disease.

00:16:26 A dentist discusses the importance of educating patients, making informed decisions, and providing quality care for long-lasting results.

💡 Improper oral habits can lead to dental issues and damage to the dentition.

💡 Dentists play a crucial role in educating patients, helping them make informed decisions, and guiding them through the treatment process.

💡 Building trust with patients is important by providing transparent costs, including additional procedures, and ensuring quality work.

00:21:59 Learn the importance of under promising and over delivering in dentistry and how to educate patients on maintaining dental health. Discover how anyone can achieve full mouth rehabilitation with the right skills and guidance.

🔑 Underpromising and overdelivering is important in dentistry to manage patient expectations.

🗝️ Patients must be educated about the importance of maintaining oral health after treatment.

🔑 Any dentist with the necessary skills and knowledge can perform full mouth reconstructions.

00:27:26 An interview with a dentist specialized in full mouth reconstructions and temporomandibular joint disorders. He shares his knowledge through books, online courses, and in-person courses. He draws inspiration from successful individuals like Ratan Tata and Mukesh Ambani.

This video discusses the availability of books, online courses, and in-person courses for learning about various aspects of dentistry.

The speaker emphasizes the importance of continuous learning, adapting to new trends, and finding inspiration from successful individuals in the industry.

The speaker mentions two influential figures, Mr. Ratan Tata and Mr. Mukesh Ambani, who have inspired him with their pursuit of excellence and innovation.

00:32:55 My journey as a dental specialist emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships with patients, continuous learning, ethics, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy. Commitment, discipline, and age should not limit making a difference.

⭐️ Building strong relationships with patients is key as a dentist, and it goes beyond just the treatment.

📚 Continuing education is crucial for dentists to stay relevant in a changing world, just like other successful professionals.

👥 Ethics, values, and commitment are essential in the field of dentistry, ensuring the best care for every patient.

Summary of a video "My journey as a FMR Specialist- An interview #dentistrymylife" by MOEZ ISMAIL KHAKIANI on YouTube.

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