The Power of Learning the Quran

Discover the immense benefits of learning the Quran, the greatest book ever, and how it contributes to personal growth and spirituality.

00:00:01 The benefits of learning the Quran are immense. It is the greatest book ever, with no mistakes or doubts. Prophet Muhammad encouraged its reading and memorization.

馃摎 The Quran is considered the greatest book, as it is believed to be the words of Allah.

馃 Learning and understanding the Quran is encouraged by Prophet Muhammad and holds a special position.

馃懃 Those who learn the Quran by heart are considered more worthy to lead group prayers.

00:01:05 Learn the Quran and teach it to others for blessings. It can be your passport to paradise and earn double rewards on the day of resurrection.

馃摎 Learning and teaching the Quran is highly favored by Allah.

馃専 The Quran can be a passport to Paradise, as it will ask for forgiveness on behalf of those who studied and read it.

馃挮 Reading the Quran brings multiple rewards, with extra rewards for those who read it well or with difficulty.

00:02:11 Discover the benefits of consistently reading the Quran and how it contributes to personal growth and spirituality.

馃挕 Regular reading of the Quran requires effort and patience.

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