Understanding Criminal Profiling: Identifying Offenders and Analyzing Behavior

Former FBI agent explains the role of criminal profiling in identifying offenders and analyzing victimology, crime scenes, and offender behavior.

00:00:00 Former FBI profiler explains how nature and nurture contribute to criminal behavior and the role of psychology in crime investigation.

🔫 Genetics provide the potential to be a killer, while personality and psychology filter experiences.

🔍 FBI profilers analyze crimes to understand why and who committed them.

🔬 Original FBI profilers gained insights by interviewing convicted serial killers.

00:02:23 This video discusses criminal profiling and how it helps identify offenders by analyzing victimology, crime scene, and offender behavior.

Criminal profiling is like reverse engineering a crime, analyzing victimology, the crime scene, and pre/post offense behavior to determine the type of person who committed the crime.

Victimology provides insights into the offender's skills, abilities, and desires, helping to identify the perpetrator.

The crime location and choice of weapons used reveal valuable information about the offender's characteristics and profession.

00:04:44 Former FBI agent explains criminal profiling and criminal behavioral analysis in terms of offender skill level, victim selection, pre and post offense behavior, and building a profile.

🔍 Offenders choose victims based on their level of vulnerability.

🔎 Criminal behavioral analysis involves studying pre and post offense behavior.

🚩 Building a criminal profile involves examining multiple factors and evidence.

00:07:08 Former FBI Agent analyzes a crime scene where the male victim was killed as a practical move while the female victim was the main target. The presence of drugs and money suggests drug trafficking, but their untouched nature indicates an immature and possibly intoxicated offender.

💥 The female victim was the main target of the attack, as she was shot multiple times.

💰 The presence of drugs and money in the house suggests involvement in drug trafficking.

🔎 The scrawled letters on the floor could provide clues about the perpetrator or motive.

00:09:29 A former FBI agent analyzes the criminal profiling in a double homicide case, discussing the offender's level of sophistication and possible motivations.

🔍 Examining the offender's behavior and evidence left behind suggests low criminal sophistication.

🗑️ The murder weapon may be hidden in a dumpster, body of water, or a place the offender thought it would be concealed.

💔 The victims' cause of death and the presence of a love triangle indicate jealousy as a motive.

00:11:51 Former FBI agent analyzes a sniper case, highlighting the offender's calm and experienced nature. The profile points to a middle-aged, trained individual with a grudge against society. The sniper leaves signs of a god complex and challenges law enforcement.

🔍 The offender in the case displayed calmness and meticulous planning, indicating experience as a police officer or in the military.

🎯 The profile of the offender suggested that they were most likely a white male sniper in their 40s or 50s with a grudge against society or specific individuals.

⚖️ Law enforcement's failure to acknowledge the sniper's power dynamics and appease their god complex resulted in further violence.

00:14:12 An FBI agent explains criminal profiling as a groundbreaking tool for identifying perpetrators, highlighting the case of the DC sniper. The profile shattered traditional notions of sniper cases and led to the arrest and conviction of two African American snipers working together.

The DC sniper case involved two snipers, one in his 40s and one in his teens, working together.

The profile of the snipers challenged the previous stereotype of lone white male offenders.

Criminal behavioral analysis helped identify, arrest, and convict the snipers.

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