YouTube Shorts: AI and Affiliate Marketing for Profitable Videos

Learn how to make money with YouTube Shorts using AI platforms and affiliate marketing. Create professional videos in minutes and maximize views for affiliate commissions.

00:00:00 Learn how to make thousands of dollars every month with YouTube Shorts using chat GPT and affiliate marketing. Find out how to select affiliate products and create professional videos in under five minutes.

💰 You can make up to $16,000 per month by creating motivational fitness YouTube shorts videos without showing your face or using your own voice, using chat GPT and another AI platform.

📈 YouTube shorts content is now monetized with ad revenue, allowing you to make thousands of dollars per month, but you can make even more by using an affiliate marketing method.

💼 By uploading YouTube shorts videos with affiliate links in the description, like the channel 'be positive', you can generate significant ad revenue and additional income from affiliate commissions.

00:05:50 Learn how to make money with YouTube Shorts using two AI platforms. Create motivational YouTube shorts videos with stock footage and generate affiliate commissions.

💰 By using ClickBank and an affiliate link, viewers can earn commissions from product purchases made through the link.

📹 Two AI platforms, chat GPT and another undisclosed platform, can be used to create motivational YouTube Shorts videos quickly.

🔥 These YouTube Shorts videos have the potential to go viral, increasing the chances of viewers clicking on the affiliate link and generating more affiliate commissions.

00:11:40 Learn how to create and optimize YouTube shorts videos to maximize views and affiliate commission. Use the user-friendly AI video editing platform InVideo to create professional-looking videos in under five minutes.

Maximize views and commissions for YouTube shorts videos

Create professional-looking fitness videos using AI video editing platforms

Promote affiliate products in YouTube video descriptions for potential earnings

00:17:31 Learn how to create YouTube Shorts videos using ChatGPT and generate affiliate marketing commissions. Customize templates, add footage, and edit text for maximum impact.

📝 To create a YouTube shorts video, you need to sign up and log into InVideo and click on the templates to select a shorts template.

🎬 To customize the video, you can delete the existing footage and add your own by searching for related footage, such as boxing.

⏯️ You can edit the size and position of the footage, and replace the text with motivational sentences to create your YouTube shorts video.

00:23:23 Learn how to create engaging YouTube Shorts videos with Fitness-related footage and motivational text using ChatGPT.

🎥 The video demonstrates how to find and replace stock footage in YouTube shorts, focusing on fitness-related content.

💪 The tutorial explains how to resize and center the stock footage to match the YouTube shorts template.

📝 The final part of the video discusses adding the remaining words of a motivational sentence and prompting viewers to click on a link in the description.

00:29:13 Learn how to create YouTube Shorts videos and maximize your chances of getting high views and affiliate commissions. Also, discover a strategy to upload and promote your videos using trending music.

📹 Creating a YouTube Shorts video using an editing dashboard.

💰 Maximizing affiliate commissions by prompting viewers to click on the link in the description.

🔴 Tips for increasing the chances of YouTube Shorts videos going viral.

00:35:03 Learn how to maximize affiliate commissions with YouTube Shorts using trending music and strategic uploading. Earn money before monetization.

💸 Maximize affiliate commissions with YouTube Shorts and trending music.

📱 Upload YouTube Shorts video via smartphone for viral potential.

🎵 Choose trending sound to increase views on YouTube Shorts content.

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