Success on Amazon KDP: Create Medium Content Books with Affordable Tools

Create medium content puzzle and coloring books on Amazon KDP instead of low content books. Find low competition niches and use affordable tools to design engaging products for success.

00:00:00 Instead of selling low content books on Amazon, create medium content books like puzzle books or coloring books. These unique products have less competition and offer better opportunities for success.

šŸ“˜šŸ–Šļø Low content book market on Amazon is oversaturated and difficult to stand out.

šŸ”‘ Creating unique medium content books is a better approach for differentiation and success.

šŸ§©šŸŽØ Medium content books offer more options like puzzles, mazes, activity books, and coloring books.

00:01:50 Learn how to create successful puzzle books on Amazon KDP using affordable tools. Analyze top-ranking puzzle books and find a niche with low competition.

šŸ“š Using an affordable tool like BookBold can help create low-content books quickly.

šŸ§© In the puzzle book category, word search books are popular, and they have good sales despite low ratings.

šŸ” By analyzing the competition for word search books, one can find a niche to take advantage of.

00:03:42 Find low competition keywords for book topics on Amazon KDP using keyword research tools. Consider Autumn word search as it has high demand and less competition.

šŸ” Finding low-competition niches on Amazon KDP by searching for specific keywords.

šŸ“ˆ Identifying potential niches with high search volume and low competition.

šŸ‚ Exploring the opportunity of creating an Autumn word search book due to high search volume and popularity.

00:05:32 Learn how to create a book on Amazon KDP using Book Bolt Studio. Choose a paperback cover and interior, create a simple cover design, and work on interior pages.

Using Book Bolt Studio to research and create a low-content book quickly.

Choosing the cover design and creating interior pages for the book.

Emphasizing the importance of spending time and effort to create high-quality books for better rewards.

00:07:22 Learn how to create engaging word search books on Amazon KDP. Customize fonts and layouts for easy readability. Leave out reverse words for a better reader experience.

šŸ“š Using book formatting software to create word search books.

āš«ļøšŸ”£ Customizing the black and white interior of the book.

šŸ” Choosing fonts and font sizes for better readability.

šŸ”„ Optimizing word search configuration for a better user experience.

00:09:14 Learn how to create word search books on Amazon KDP using Bookbold. Use alphabetized word lists for better organization and add design elements for a professional touch.

šŸ” Using BookBolt, you can create word search books by providing a list of words to include.

šŸ“š You can customize the number of pages in the book to accommodate an alphabetized word list.

šŸŽØ By adding design elements like frames, you can enhance the visual appeal of the word search book.

00:11:05 Learn how to create a niche product with low competition and good search volume on Amazon KDP. Design a subtle black and white interior and cover to publish and earn passive income.

šŸ“š Creating low content books on Amazon KDP by designing the cover and interior pages.

šŸ” Doing keyword research to find a niche with low competition and high search volume.

šŸ“ˆ Publishing the book on Amazon using KDP's print-on-demand options to earn passive income.

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