The Influence of Socioeconomic Class on Evaluations and Biases in Decision-Making

Examining how socioeconomic class influences evaluations, confirming the phenomenon of confirmation bias. Implicit bias and other biases impact decision-making, including equity implementation. Addressing discrimination based on social categories and countering biases are essential.

00:00:04 Examining how socioeconomic class influences evaluations, using a study where participants evaluated a student based on her academic ability with different socioeconomic backgrounds.

🔍 We often make evaluations and decisions without considering the factors that influence them.

📝 Socioeconomic class can potentially impact evaluations and judgments.

🔬 An experiment by Darlene Gross showed that participants' perceptions of a student's academic ability were influenced by their socioeconomic background.

00:01:08 A study on biases showed that socioeconomic status affects how people are perceived, confirming the phenomenon of confirmation bias. This applies to everyone in decision making.

🔎 Socioeconomic status influenced how Hannah was perceived and impacted her academic placement and other measures.

🤔 Confirmation bias was observed as participants interpreted ambiguous information to confirm their prior beliefs about rich and poor kids.

💼 Confirmation bias can affect various professionals, including financial advisors, doctors, corporate employees, and jurors.

00:02:11 Implicit bias is just one of many biases and heuristics that influence our decisions and behavior. Our liking or disliking of someone can affect our judgment of their performance. Regardless of our expertise, education, or profession, we are all susceptible to cognitive processes that impact our decision-making.

🧠 Our decisions and behavior can be influenced by various biases and heuristics without us realizing.

🌍 Regardless of our expertise or education, we are all susceptible to automatic cognitive processes that affect our decision-making.

🤔 Humans are hardwired to process the world through schemas and shortcuts, which are necessary for navigating the complex world.

00:03:15 The video discusses the concept of equity and how biases and heuristics affect its implementation in a fair game.

🎯 Implicit biases can affect equity, diversity, and inclusion efforts.

⚖️ Equity means providing equal opportunities and resources based on merit.

🧠 Biases and heuristics can hinder fair evaluation and decision making.

00:04:19 The video explores the concept of implicit bias and how it can lead to discrimination based on social categories. It emphasizes the need to counter these biases.

🔑 Implicit biases can benefit certain groups and harm others without our realization.

🧠 Decades of research have shown that implicit biases can lead to discrimination based on social categories.

🛡️ Although we are not immune to implicit bias, there are steps we can take to counter their effects.

Summary of a video "Implicit Bias | Preface: Biases and Heuristics" by UCLA Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion on YouTube.

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