Advanced Ai Automation: Building Profitable Software Business without Sponsorships or Subscriptions

Learn how to create a profitable software business using AI and no-code SaaS, without sponsorships or subscriptions.

00:00:00 Learn how to create a profitable software business using AI and no-code SaaS. Discover the benefits of monthly recurring revenue and the potential for a high-value exit.

No code SaaS allows for high leverage and recurring revenue.

No code software Builders like Bubble make it easy to create SaaS without any coding skills.

Software is considered the best business model due to its scalability and potential for high profits.

00:01:49 Learn how to build software without coding using no code tools, making it faster, cheaper, and accessible for anyone. No need for a large investment or computer science degree.

💡 No code tools have democratized software development for non-technical individuals, allowing them to create fully functional apps.

🔑 Business models like Drop Shipping and Amazon FBA are popular due to their beginner-friendly nature and lower investment and time requirements.

No code tools have made app development faster, cheaper, and more accessible for everyone.

00:03:39 Learn how to use AI and no-code SaaS to enhance your software's capabilities and generate AI-generated text. Explore the success of Tweet Hunter.

💡 Using AI and No Code SaaS, you can enhance your software and make it more powerful.

🚀 Connecting OpenAI's GPT4 API into Bubble allows you to access the power of chat GPT for various tasks, such as generating new tweets.

🍽️ The API acts as a waiter, taking orders from the customer (user) and delivering the AI-generated text (food) back to the software app.

00:05:29 Learn how to build AI software with no code and make money without sponsorships or subscriptions. Discover a powerful way to use bubble for organizing and running your business efficiently.

📱 Using no-code software, the speaker and their team built an AI-powered app in just three days to help students with homework and accept payments.

💰 Apart from building software, there are other ways to make money with no-code tools, such as creating business systems using tools like Trello, Salesforce, and Zendesk.

🔄 By combining different software tools into a unified system, businesses can streamline their operations, improve communication, and deliver better results.

00:07:20 Learn how to leverage AI and no-code SaaS platforms to create a unified dashboard for managing tasks, sales leads, and customer support tickets from multiple software. Automate workflows and receive weekly reports.

🔧 serves as a platform to connect various software APIs into one unified view.

📊 Create a central dashboard to manage tasks, sales leads, and customer support tickets from multiple software programs.

🔄 Automated workflows can be set up, such as creating tasks for developers based on customer support tickets.

00:09:08 Learn how to use Ai and No-Code SaaS to automate your business and make better data-driven decisions. Create an automated systems agency and offer custom CRM dashboards to increase revenue.

💼 Using AI and no-code SaaS tools like and can greatly increase productivity and help businesses scale.

💰 There are multiple ways to monetize AI and no-code SaaS, including starting an automated systems agency and offering custom CRM dashboards.

⏱️ Implementing AI and consolidating software tools into a unified dashboard can save significant time and streamline operations.

00:10:59 Learn how to use Ai and No Code SaaS to build businesses of the future. Develop automated systems and gain a valuable skill in software development.

💼 Using no code platforms to build B2B software businesses and save companies money.

💰 Learning software development as a valuable skill to make money in the future.

📚 Opportunity to sign up for a free bubble course to learn software development.

Summary of a video "How I Use Ai + No Code SaaS to Make $30,000/Month (Advanced Ai Automation)" by Brett Malinowski on YouTube.

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