Garveyism: Empowering African Workers and Challenging Capitalism

Garveyism: Anti-capitalist philosophy that empowered African workers against imperialism, advocated collective uplift and limited wealth accumulation.

00:00:00 Garveyism is an anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist philosophy that challenges black nationalism and hyper capitalism. Marcus Garvey's quotes reveal his opposition to capitalism and imperialism.

📜 The philosophy of Marcus Garvey and the UNIA ACL was an anti-imperialist and anti-capitalist philosophy.

🔄 Initially, Marcus Garvey made some statements supporting a market economy, but the majority of his quotes on economics were anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist.

🤝 Garvey formed alliances with the black Petty Bourgeois to keep the UNIA moving forward.

00:01:04 Hubert Henry Harrison formulated a race-first ideology and influenced Marcus Garvey. Garvey's ideology was not pro-capitalist, as evidenced by his advocacy for the rights of black workers.

Garveyism is an Anti Capitalist Philosophy

Socialist split in the early 1920s did not change the overall direction of Garvey's ideology

Alliances with upper economic strata can be necessary in the struggle against an oppressive system

00:02:07 Garveyism, an anti-capitalist philosophy, organized black labor and provided hope for positive changes in a racist society.

💡 Garvey was an effective organizer and advocate for black labor.

💪 His message of African pride and dignity inspired hope in black workers.

🌍 Garvey's philosophy was a radical and revolutionary form of anti-racism.

00:03:11 This video discusses how Garveyism, an anti-capitalist philosophy, utilized surplus for the benefit of all African people. It explores the different types of profit and the usage of surplus in the evolution of an oppressed community.

📜 Garveyism is an anti-capitalist philosophy that promotes the use of surplus for the benefit of all African people.

💰 Garvey defined four types of profits: national, racial, political, and economic, which all aim to improve the conditions of black people and fight against racism.

🌍 Under Garvey's direction, the surplus was utilized at local, national, and international levels to challenge racial imperialism and empower oppressed African people.

00:04:14 Explore the anti-capitalist philosophy of Garveyism, which advocated for collective uplift and limited wealth accumulation. The imperialist elite's efforts to suppress Garvey and his followers are highlighted.

The UNIA was an African analog to the Russian Social Democratic labor party and operated with horizontal democratically operated cooperatives.

The UNIA imposed price controls and created a black common pool of resources for infrastructure projects in the African world.

Garvey faced opposition from the imperialist elite in Jamaica, the US, and European colonial settler states in Africa.

00:05:19 Garveyism, an anti-capitalist philosophy, invigorated African workers against imperialism. It promoted self-government, rejection of colonialism, minimum wage, land nationalization, and more.

🌍 Garveyism aims to empower African workers and fight against imperialism.

⚖️ Key policies of Garveyism include self-government, rejection of colonialism, minimum wage, and land nationalization.

🏢 Garveyism advocates for compulsory urban improvement, infrastructure development, and imprisonment for capitalist bribery.

💡 Garveyism also promotes universal education, healthcare, electricity, and finance campaigns.

💪 Marcus Garvey was an anti-capitalist revolutionary who aimed to liberate African families from imperialism.

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