Social Responsibility and Sustainable Growth in Alpina 2012

Balancing human growth with preserving limited resources. Sustaining the world through innovation and collaboration. Building sustainable relationships and improving business. Commitment to environmental sustainability, employee welfare, and healthy food. Promoting healthy lifestyles and inclusive access to nutritious products. Collaborating for collective prosperity.

00:00:10 Responsabilidad Social Alpina 2012: Balancing human growth with preserving limited resources. Alpina aims to sustainably feed the world, create life, and promote collective prosperity through innovation and collaboration.

馃實 The challenge of sustainability: balancing human growth and preserving limited resources on our planet.

馃崕 Alpina's commitment to sustainable business practices: feeding the world, creating life, and promoting collective prosperity.

馃殌 Alpina's seven sustainability challenges to create social, environmental, and economic value.

00:01:36 Alpina 2012: Building sustainable relationships and improving our business through dialogue and contributions from all stakeholders. Generating economic growth and sharing value with society.

馃彚 Companies should prioritize building trust and transparent relationships with their surroundings.

馃捈 Businesses should engage in dialogue and collaboration with all stakeholders to improve their operations.

馃挕 Companies have a responsibility to recognize and address both positive and negative aspects of their impact on society.

馃挵 Generating economic growth and profitability for investors and shareholders is important, but companies should also create shared value with their surrounding environment.

馃實 Philanthropy is not the sole solution to societal problems; businesses that learn to generate value and share it with their environment can make a significant difference.

馃彙 Companies should first focus on their internal practices and employees before aiming for a healthy external environment.

00:02:56 Alpina is committed to creating a stimulating and prosperous work environment. They prioritize work-life balance and professional development while respecting the environment.

Alpina strives to create a stimulating, challenging, and prosperous work environment.

They value the commitment and work-life balance of their employees.

Alpina aims to produce and provide for consumers while respecting the balance and cycle of natural resources.

00:04:16 A company's commitment to environmental sustainability, employee welfare, and producing healthy food. Empowering consumers for positive change and inclusive access to products and benefits.

Alpina is a company that cares about the environment and the well-being of its workers.

Alpina aims to provide healthy and sustainable food while minimizing environmental pollution.

Alpina wants to empower consumers and be a source of improvement and innovation for society.

00:05:38 Alpina aims to promote healthy lifestyles and offer nutritious products to as many consumers as possible. They strive for sustainability and responsibility throughout their production and distribution processes.

Alpina aims to promote healthy lifestyles and provide nutritious products to a wide range of consumers.

Alpina believes in the importance of a sustainable and responsible value chain for their products.

Alpina recognizes the need to involve communities and address their needs for a successful company.

00:06:57 Alpina's commitment to social responsibility and sustainable growth in communities facing poverty and inequality. Collaboration with stakeholders to overcome unprecedented challenges for collective prosperity.

馃實 Alpina aims to grow and develop alongside society, working towards a more equitable and productive society.

馃挭 Facing unprecedented challenges, Alpina recognizes the need for reinvention to ensure survival.

馃 Collaboration between stakeholders, including shareholders, consumers, communities, and media, is crucial to finding solutions.

00:08:17 Alpina focuses on collaboration, trust, and responsibility in a complex environment. They are committed to being a role model and making a positive impact on future generations.

馃懃 Building collaboration, trust, and responsibility in Alpina.

馃實 The environment and future generations will judge our actions.

馃彚 Taking on the challenge as a company and as part of the system.

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