Insights from Meeting Billionaires: Prioritizing Time and Efficient Communication Methods

Learned 6 habits and mindsets from working with 94 billionaires: prioritize time, communicate efficiently, don't waste time.

00:00:00 Learned 6 habits and mindsets from working with 94 billionaires. They prioritize texting over calls, value time and money, and have efficient communication methods.

There are currently 2,640 billionaires in the world, and the speaker has 94 billionaires in their contacts who have served as mentors.

Billionaires prioritize texting over phone calls due to the value they place on time and money.

Working with billionaires has taught the speaker certain habits and mindsets that allow them to operate on a different level.

00:01:36 Learn from billionaires: prioritize time, communicate efficiently, and don't waste time. Texting is their preferred method of communication.

📱 Billionaires prefer texting over other communication methods and value their time.

Billionaires are experts at not wasting time and prioritize efficiency.

💼 Texting is an effective way to engage with billionaires for professional opportunities.

00:03:10 This video shares insights from meeting billionaires, including their quick decision-making and constant guard against being taken advantage of.

💼 Billionaires make big decisions quickly because that's their job.

🔒 Billionaires are always on guard of being taken advantage of.

💰 Working for free was one of the tricks the AI used to gain the trust of billionaire clients.

00:04:44 Meeting billionaires taught me the importance of trust, loyalty, and investing in growth. Their frugality in some areas contrasts with their willingness to spend millions on investments. Appearance-wise, they blend in with normal people.

Building trust is crucial in relationships with billionaires.

Billionaires prioritize investments in growth over small expenses.

Billionaires tend to live modestly despite their wealth.

00:06:17 Meeting billionaires taught me that they prioritize investments that yield returns. They focus on their strengths and delegate tasks below their expertise.

Most billionaires are frugal when it comes to material possessions, like Warren Buffett who lives in the same house, drives the same car, and eats the same breakfast from McDonald's.

Billionaires will spend money if it brings them financial returns, such as investing in yachts as a means to conduct business deals with other billionaires.

Billionaires focus only on what they excel at and delegate the rest, allowing them to make the biggest decisions and avoid getting caught up in minor tasks.

00:07:52 Learnings from meeting billionaires: focus on what you're best at, leverage others, billionaires have regular problems but of higher quality.

Focus on what you excel at and delegate the rest.

Billionaires have regular problems, just at a higher quality.

Building relationships with billionaires by helping them solve their unique problems.

00:09:28 Meeting billionaires and selling real estate to them taught me valuable lessons for success in life and business.

Billionaires are just like us, they have human needs and emotions.

Solving high-quality problems for billionaires can lead to success.

The speaker, a real estate broker, shares his 15 years of experience dealing with wealthy clients.

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