Livechat Webinar: Enhance Customer Support with Rocket Chat

Learn how to use a lightweight live chat feature for exceptional customer support. Explore new features and user roles. Enable live chat on a website using Rocket Chat.

00:00:07 Learn how to use a lightweight and improved live chat feature for exceptional customer support. Get insights into the new version and its various features.

📱 The live chat feature in Rocket Chat has been completely redesigned and is now a more lightweight and improved solution.

👥 The live chat feature allows customers to interact with internal agents in real-time, providing exceptional customer support.

🚀 The new version of Rocket Chat includes the redesigned live chat feature and offers various customization options and integrations.

00:04:26 This video demonstrates how to enable live chat on a website using Rocket Chat. It also explains the different user roles and features of the live chat system.

🔧 Enabling live chat in the recipe configuration panel.

🌐 Customizing the live chat widget on the website.

👥 Different user roles in live chat and their permissions.

00:08:49 Different routing types for incoming live chat conversations. Choose between agent pickup, automatic routing, or external algorithms. Showcase of chat widget features like text, attachments, videos, and audio messages.

📞 There are different routing types for incoming live chat conversations, including gas pool, round-robin, and external algorithm control.

💬 The live chat widget has a rich feature set, allowing for text conversations, attachments, videos, and audio messages.

🔍 All conversation history can be audited and controlled by the manager, including the ability to see who attended specific customers.

00:13:13 The Livechat Webinar demonstrates the features of real-time monitoring and analytics in a chat conversation. It allows users to view conversations, track metrics like response time, and define departments and triggers.

📊 The livechat webinar provides analytics for monitoring conversations, including the total number of conversations, open conversations, and messages per day.

👥 It allows real-time monitoring of conversations, displaying the number of ongoing conversations and average reaction times, making it useful for both big and small teams.

🔧 Users can define departments and assign agents, as well as set triggers to engage customers based on their browsing behavior.

00:17:39 Livechat Webinar: Learn how to engage customers automatically and customize the look and feel of live chat. Integration with Facebook Messenger, SMS, and more coming soon.

🔹 Livechat Webinar allows for advanced settings and features to engage customers automatically and maintain their engagement while browsing on a website.

🔹 Custom fields can be added to the widget to gather information from customers, although they are not yet supported on the registration form.

🔹 Livechat Webinar offers easy integration with various tools, including Facebook Messenger and SMS platforms like Twilio.

00:21:58 Livechat Webinar: Discover the benefits of using the new live chat widget with REST API integration for improved communication and customer support.

⭐️ Livechat Webinar is a flexible tool that allows businesses to follow up with customers and provide support during specific hours.

🔗 The new version of the live chat widget uses REST API and WebSocket for communication, offering great improvements to the server side.

🤖 The REST API documentation provides easy integration for businesses that want to use their own bot instead of the widget.

00:26:14 Learn about the live chat API and how it can enhance user experience on your website or app by allowing you to authenticate users and route them to the correct department.

📱 The live chat API allows for easy communication with the live chat widget on your website using your own authentication system.

🔐 You can leverage the live chat API to authenticate users on your mobile app and route them to the correct department without relying on self-registration or manual conversation.

🌐 There are extensive possibilities with the live chat API, and you can find more information and support on the Rocket Chat website.

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