Mastering A.I. Techniques for Video Enhancement

Discover an essential A.I. trick to enhance your videos, create versatile content, and improve the viewing experience. Learn how to manipulate angles, zooms, and frames for dynamic videos.

00:00:00 Learn how to manipulate your videos using a new AI feature that allows you to make vertical videos horizontal and vice versa. With this technique, you can create more versatile content for social media and long-form platforms.

🎥 An AI feature in Photoshop allows for easy manipulation of vertical and horizontal videos, making them suitable for different social media platforms and long-form content simultaneously.

🌄 By manipulating the edges of the frame using AI, the content creator is able to create a more versatile landscape and add convincing elements such as clouds.

📱 To utilize this feature, one needs a camera, a tripod, and the Photoshop beta version.

00:01:25 Learn an A.I. trick to enhance your video frames and create a realistic background. Improve lighting, shading, and color consistency for a more engaging viewing experience.

🎨 The dynamic feature generates realistic backgrounds for frames in videos, enhancing their visual appeal.

🎥 Using this feature makes filming easier and more consistent for multi-platform content creation.

💡 The tool serves as a compliment to existing filming techniques and can also be used as a makeshift green screen.

00:02:50 Learn a creative camera technique for creating dynamic videos by using a tripod and manipulating angles and zooms. Avoid limitations and create the illusion of movement.

🎥 Using a tripod and avoiding movement is essential for this AI trick.

Adjusting the camera angle and being mindful of borders and shadows allows for creative manipulation.

🔍 Using a pocket 6K camera and manual focus enables high-detail footage for the illusion.

00:04:15 Test the versatility of an A.I. tool for interviews, reframing, and adding environmental elements. Easily convert vertical footage for YouTube.

🔑 Using AI technology, the video discusses the versatility of a tool that can reframe interview footage without losing quality.

🔑 The tool is especially useful for adjusting framing or adding elements to the environment in post-production editing.

🔑 The process of using the tool involves simple steps of creating a timeline and making necessary adjustments to the footage.

00:05:40 Learn how to overlay images onto videos in Photoshop using a simple trick, making it more convincing. Replace the background and center the image for a professional look.

🎥 Converting footage to rec 709 and applying color grade for better screenshot quality.

🖼️ Using Photoshop beta to create a canvas matching video resolution and overlaying the screenshot.

🖌️ Soft edge erasing the self-portrait to create a hole for overlaying on the video footage.

00:07:03 Learn a simple trick to make your footage more immersive by creating a hole in the canvas and exporting it as a PNG. Apply this technique to convert horizontal footage into vertical for multiple platforms.

🎨 You can use the transparency feature in Photoshop beta to export an image with a hole in it and then overlay it on another photo or video.

📷 By understanding camera angles and lighting, you can make your footage more immersive and convert horizontal videos into vertical ones.

🤔 The possibilities and creativity with this feature are limitless.

00:08:28 Learn an essential A.I. trick in Photoshop from a seasoned user with over 15 years of experience, and get your questions answered in the comments.

🖼️ The speaker has been using Photoshop for over 15 years and enjoys going back to the program.

💬 The speaker is willing to answer questions and provide assistance in the comments.

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