Success with SMMA and SaaS: From College Drop-Out to Software Entrepreneur

College drop-out shares success with SMMA and SaaS business models, starting a software company and gaining clients.

00:00:00 College drop-out discusses his success with the SMMA and SaaS business models using go high level platform. Shares story of how he started his own software company and gained clients.

πŸ“š Starting a software company while being a college student and having clients can lead to success and financial gain.

πŸ’‘ The importance of sticking with your chosen business model and surrounding yourself with a supportive environment.

🏒 The speaker shares their personal journey of discovering the SAS business model and how they found success with it.

00:07:11 A college drop-out shares his success story in starting a software company and working with various clients, including a unique partnership with his university.

πŸ“š The speaker started their business by pitching a software solution to a local business and integrating it into their website and Google My Business.

πŸ’‘ They faced challenges and learned from mistakes, such as sending automated messages that ticked off a client, but these experiences helped improve their work with future clients.

πŸ’Ό They expanded their client base and achieved their goal of 10 clients before quitting their job and becoming financially stable. They also formed partnerships with a university and worked with student businesses.

00:14:21 A college student shares his journey of balancing college life, leadership positions, and running a successful social media marketing agency. He discusses how he merged software as a service and social media marketing to achieve growth and revenue. He also emphasizes the importance of networking and not being intimidated by successful individuals.

The speaker discusses his transition from college life to running a social media marketing agency and a software as a service (SaaS) business.

He highlights the benefits of combining social media marketing services with SaaS, such as increased revenue and additional streams of income.

The speaker shares his experience of gaining recognition from the University of Cincinnati and how it helped establish credibility in the business community.

00:21:31 College drop-out shares his journey from zero to $10,000 monthly revenue using social media marketing and SaaS. Talks about his success, reinvesting in the business, and gaining clients through online content.

πŸ“ˆ Started with a free trial, upgraded to the paid version to hold myself accountable and cover my costs.

πŸ’° Went from making zero dollars to generating consistent revenue through social media marketing agency and lead generation.

πŸ“š Realized the value of sharing my story and expertise online, attracted business inquiries and opportunities.

00:28:41 College Drop-Out Talks SMMA and SaaS with HighLevel! My Successful Affiliate Student Preston Rhodes!

Business owners are just regular people, and it's important to understand that they experience the same stressors as everyone else.

Being uncomfortable can lead to developing an Unstoppable mindset.

Leveraging your youth can be an advantage in starting a business, especially in the age of social media.

00:35:52 College drop-out shares the keys to success in SMMA and SaaS business models. Importance of treating it like a real business, using contracts for valuable offers, and creating a positive and supportive environment.

Automating processes and systems can reduce stress in a business.

Treating a business seriously and using contracts for higher-value offers can lead to success.

Hard work, consistent effort, and a supportive environment are essential for business growth.

00:42:45 College Drop-Out discusses the success of his Affiliate marketing business and the potential pitfalls of partnerships in online business.

πŸ“š The speaker emphasizes that it's not necessary to partner or share equity in an online business model like SMMA and SaaS, as it can be done alone and outsourcing work is an option.

πŸ’” Partnerships in business can be challenging due to clashing egos, differing perceptions of workload, and the potential for one party to cut the other out of the deal.

🀝 Despite the challenges, the speaker believes there are effective ways to establish valuable partnerships and plans to discuss this topic in future videos.

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