Working With Todoist Ep 36: Mastering Task Management and Organization

Learn effective task management and organization with Todoist to avoid overwhelm and stay organized. Episode 36: How to Avoid Overwhelm and Keep Your Projects Organized.

00:00:00 Learn how to avoid overwhelm when using Todoist by organizing tasks effectively and prioritizing important goals.

🔑 The video discusses the problem of overwhelm that can occur when following the GTD rules in Todoist.

💡 The speaker demonstrates how a long list of tasks can cause stress and presents a project to buy a new car as an example.

😓 The overwhelming feeling when looking at a disorganized list is highlighted, emphasizing the need for a better approach.

00:01:34 Learn how to use Todoist effectively and avoid overwhelm by organizing tasks into manageable subtasks. Watch Episode 36 of 'Working With Todoist' for stress-free task management.

📝 Using GTD to avoid stress and create stress-free lists.

🗂️ Non-completable tasks can be useful in managing complex projects.

📑 Organizing tasks in a project with subtasks under a heading.

00:03:07 In this video, the speaker discusses the preliminary actions to take when working with Todoist to avoid feeling overwhelmed with tasks.

🚗 The video discusses the preliminary actions needed when working with Todoist, such as thinking about car needs and creating a shortlist.

💰 Another important step is deciding on a budget and finding out the current bank rate for car loans.

⛽️ Lastly, the video highlights the decision-making process between choosing diesel or petrol for the car.

00:04:47 In this video, the speaker discusses the process of choosing a car, including creating a shortlist and seeking advice. They also mention adding pictures of car interiors to their to-do list.

🚗 Creating a shortlist of cars and discussing with a friend for their thoughts.

💰 Finding out the worth of the current car as a preliminary action.

📸 Adding pictures of car options and their interiors to Todoist.

00:06:20 Learn how to effectively manage your to-do list with Todoist, avoiding overwhelm and feeling more organized. Episode 36.

The speaker demonstrates how to use Todoist to manage tasks and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

🚗 The example used is creating a to-do list for buying a car, but the principles can be applied to any task.

📝 By breaking down tasks and organizing them in Todoist, the speaker shows how to make a long list more manageable.

00:07:53 Learn how to manage and prioritize tasks effectively using Todoist to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Divide projects into smaller parts and follow a timeline for better productivity.

🔑 Breaking down projects into manageable parts is essential for avoiding overwhelm.

Most projects have a natural timeline that can be followed to organize tasks effectively.

Productivity applications generally offer similar features, so focus on finding one that works for you.

00:09:25 Working With Todoist, Ep 36: How to Avoid Overwhelm and Keep Your Projects Organized

Organizing tasks in projects helps avoid overwhelm.

💡 Overwhelm can be overcome by properly organizing projects.

🔑 Lists should be a source of relaxation and guide you in the right direction.

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