Corporate Social Responsibility: Exploring Dimensions and Impact

Exploring the dimensions of corporate social responsibility and its impact on the environment, communities, and businesses.

00:00:00 This video discusses the dimensions of corporate social responsibility, focusing on the internal and external aspects. Internally, it covers responsible practices related to workers, such as human resource investment and safety. Externally, it addresses environmental management in production.

馃摎 Responsabilidad social empresarial tiene dos dimensiones: interna y externa.

馃捈 La dimensi贸n interna se refiere a las pr谩cticas responsables dentro de la empresa, como la inversi贸n en recursos humanos y la gesti贸n del cambio.

馃尶 Tambi茅n se incluye la gesti贸n de los recursos naturales y el cuidado del medio ambiente en la dimensi贸n interna de la responsabilidad social empresarial.

00:01:35 This video discusses the dimensions of Corporate Social Responsibility, including external aspects (local communities, business partners, suppliers, consumers) and internal aspects (HR management, learning and development, workplace health and safety).

馃實 Responsabilidad Social Empresarial (RSE) tiene dimensiones internas y externas.

馃懃 Dimensi贸n externa de RSE incluye comunidades locales, socios comerciales, proveedores y consumidores, y problemas econ贸micos.

馃捈 Dimensi贸n interna de RSE incluye gesti贸n de recursos humanos, aprendizaje en las empresas, y salud y seguridad en el lugar de trabajo.

00:03:08 Corporate Social Responsibility: Dimensions and the importance of health, safety, and communication in the workplace.

馃摎 Responsibility for clear communication and documentation of health and safety parameters increases as the number of products and services offered by a company grows.

馃挕 Ensuring the health and safety of workers is crucial in industries with high risks, and it should be a primary commitment for organizations.

馃攧 Adapting to changes and restructuring within the company is a concern for employees, shareholders, and other stakeholders.

00:04:44 The video discusses the dimensions of corporate social responsibility, including internal management of environmental impact and waste reduction.

馃實 Socially responsible perspective involves considering the interests of all stakeholders and minimizing environmental impact.

馃捈 Reducing resource consumption and waste is advantageous for companies, both financially and environmentally.

馃挕 Comprehensive product policies analyze the impact throughout its life cycle for a more profitable approach.

00:06:18 This video discusses the importance of corporate social responsibility and its impact on the environment and the company itself. It also emphasizes the involvement of local communities, workers, and other stakeholders.

馃實 It is important for companies to consider the environmental impact of their waste and actions.

馃懃 Corporate social responsibility extends to the local community, workers, shareholders, partners, and consumers.

馃彚 Companies should integrate themselves responsibly into their local environment.

00:07:51 Companies contribute to community development by providing jobs, salaries, and social benefits. They also establish positive relationships with the local community and accumulate social capital. The effects of corporate social responsibility extend beyond the company to economic partners.

Companies contribute to the development of communities by providing jobs, salaries, social benefits, and income.

Establishing positive relationships with the local community and accumulating social capital is important for non-local companies.

Businesses are expected to offer products and services that meet consumer needs while being socially and environmentally friendly.

Global ecological problems are influenced by the cross-border effects of environmental issues related to companies.

00:09:24 Exploring the dimensions of corporate social responsibility and its global impact. How businesses can make a positive change in their surrounding environment.

馃寧 Companies have the potential to have a positive impact on the global environment.

馃實 Due to globalization, companies can have an impact not only locally but also internationally.

馃搱 The dimensions of social responsibility include acting responsibly at the local, national, and global levels.

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