Uncovering the Power of a Male Nkisi Figure from Congo

Exploring the power and symbolism of a male Nkisi figure from Congo, used for healing, justice, and binding agreements.

00:00:00 A Nkisi figure from the Congo, used for spiritual and healing purposes. Representing the rituals and beliefs of the Congo people.

The video is about a Congo and Kesey figure from the Democratic Republic of Congo, which was colonized by Belgium.

The term 'kisi' refers to a spirit and medicine, specifically herbs and supplements used by healers.

During the 19th century, the N'Ganga, a ritual specialist, would use kisi figures to help their clients.

00:01:04 This video explores the power and versatility of the male Nkisi sculpture, commonly used for healing, recording agreements, and confronting wrongdoers.

💡 The Power Figure, or Nkisi, was carved by a sculptor and used by the Ganga to hold spiritual medicine in its abdomen.

🌿 The abdomen of the Power Figure could contain various materials such as stone, herbs, and clays, mixed together to create a formula for healing.

🤝 The Power Figure served multiple purposes, including healing clients, recording agreements, and acting as a witness for justice against wrongdoers.

00:02:08 Discover the power and symbolism behind a male Nkisi figure, used to bind agreements. Activated with spirit and adorned with nails, it carries out justice.

🔒 Ganga uses knots in a strip of cloth to bind agreements in the nkisi.

🔪🐦 Dog teeth and bird elements are used to activate the nkisi for seeking justice.

🔨✉️ The nkisi is activated by hammering nails into its skin and it evolves over time.

00:03:14 A male power figure known as Nkisi with missing legs and a hollow abdomen. Encrusted on all sides, it contains amulets, carved animal figures, and a bell to summon spirits.

🔑 The male Nkisi figure is powerful and should not be sold or owned by anyone other than the in Ganga.

🔍 The figure is encrusted on all sides and has a hollow abdomen, suggesting something was taken out from inside.

🔔 The figure is adorned with amulets, including beaded ones and a bell that can be rung to invoke the in key see spirit.

00:04:17 A historic social document of a group seeking help from ritual specialists for their problems.

💰 The male Nkisi is used for trading, marking contracts, and resolving disputes.

📝 Each nail in the Nkisi serves as a reminder of specific requests and grievances.

🔮 The male Nkisi represents the historical and social significance of seeking help from ritual specialists.

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