Titanic Sinks: CGI Visualization Reveals Startling Details

A new CGI visualization shows the Titanic sinking with the bow going under, the stern coming up, and explosive outbursts.

00:00:00 Watch an accelerated CGI of the Titanic sinking, showing the bow going under, the port list, and the collapse of the funnels.

āš“ļø The Titanic was traveling at a speed of 22 knots when it collided with an iceberg.

šŸš¢ After the collision, the bow of the ship started sinking, causing a port list of around nine degrees.

šŸŒŠ As the ship sank, the superstructure was pulled under and the funnels collapsed.

00:01:07 A new CGI visualization of the sinking of the Titanic shows the bow plunging straight down, with the stern coming up before the ship eventually implodes and spirals down.

šŸš¢ The CGI simulation shows the Titanic sinking with the bow accelerating downward and the stern coming up.

ā¬‡ļø As the bow plunges straight down, the masts snap back, the funnels rip backward, and the davits are pulled off.

šŸ’„ The Titanic eventually reaches a stable position as it falls and then turns, with the bow falling at a spiral angle before imploding.

00:02:12 A CGI simulation of the sinking of the Titanic showcases the breaking of its back, explosive outbursts, and the aftermath resembling an airplane crash site.

šŸš¢ The video depicts the sinking of the Titanic with CGI animation.

šŸ’„ The impact of the iceberg causes the ship to break and hydraulic outbursts occur.

āœˆļø The aftermath of the sinking resembles a large airplane crash site.

Summary of a video "New CGI of How Titanic Sank | Titanic 100" by National Geographic on YouTube.

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