The Jesus Style Leader: Embracing Humility and Service

Discover the Jesus style of leadership - humble, selfless, and focused on serving others.

00:00:00 Dr. Brian Simmons discusses his experience as a leader and the importance of humility in leadership, highlighting the Jesus style of leadership. He also invites viewers to join his one-year Leadership Academy.

👥 Dr. Brian Simmons has extensive experience in leadership, including pastoring a large church and leading a network of ministries.

💡 He believes in the importance of Apostolic leaders and the calling of leadership on his life.

🙏 Dr. Brian Simmons emphasizes the need for leadership that exemplifies love, servanthood, and humility, rather than control and manipulation.

00:05:34 Discover the Jesus style of leadership - humble, selfless, and focused on serving others. Join the academy to learn and embrace this transformative leadership model. Limited spots available!

📚 The Leadership Academy is open to the public, with a limit of 100 students.

💡 Jesus' leadership style emphasizes humility and selflessness.

🌟 The world values assertiveness and charisma, but Jesus valued service and humility.

🎄 Jesus' humble birth should make us reflect on his leadership model.

🍷 We need a new heart-based leadership model that receives the new wine of God.

00:11:07 The Jesus Style Leader Session 3 - Dr. Brian Simmons: Jesus consistently displayed humility, selflessness, and love throughout his leadership journey, serving others and submitting to the Father's plans. Good leaders follow Jesus' example.

🌟 Jesus consistently displayed humility and selflessness throughout his leadership journey.

💡 As a leader, it is important to follow the model of Jesus and put the needs of others above your own.

❗ Humility is essential in leadership, and being filled with the spirit and word of God will make you a leader in the style of Jesus.

00:16:40 In this session, Dr. Brian Simmons discusses the characteristics of a Jesus-style leader, emphasizing the importance of humility and teachability. He emphasizes that pride leads to a fall, while humility protects and guides us on our leadership journey.

🌟 The name of Jesus is the only one that will be glorified.

👥 Leadership is important, but humility must always be present.

📚 Wisdom from above is pure, gentle, peaceable, and teachable.

💪 Being hungry and teachable are essential qualities for growth.

🙏 Humility protects us and allows us to learn and be led by God.

00:22:13 Learn the Jesus-style of leadership, which is characterized by humility and serving others. Humility protects from anger and offenses. Only in Christ can we become the leaders God wants us to be.

🙇‍♂️ Humility is essential in every relationship and should be practiced before making judgments.

👥 Leaders should serve others and prioritize humility over self-importance.

🛡️ Humility acts as a shield, protecting us from anger, grudges, and the need for revenge.

📚 Following the Jesus model of leadership leads to making the Father glorified.

☺️ Living a humble life, like Jesus, means overlooking offenses and blessing those who hurt us.

00:27:48 Learn how to be a humble leader like Jesus by embracing meekness, vulnerability, and authentic humility. See Jesus in others and prioritize their needs. Consider joining the leadership academy for more teachings on this lifestyle.

🌟 Jesus is our source of meekness, wisdom, fruit, holiness, redemption, justification, and sanctification.

💪 Weakness does not disqualify us; God uses our imperfections and flaws for His purposes.

📚 Philippians 2 teaches about leadership and humility, with Jesus as the ultimate example.

🤝 To model Jesus-style leadership, see Jesus in others, pray for them, and serve them as you would serve Jesus himself.

00:33:24 Learn the key principles of Jesus-style leadership: pray for others, love first, celebrate others' breakthroughs, prioritize people over personality.

🙏 Pray for others, lifting them up to the Lord.

❤️ Love is essential for true discernment and wisdom in leadership.

🎉 Celebrate and make a big deal out of somebody else's breakthrough.

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