The Economic State, Fraud, and Upcoming Events: A Major Financial Shift

This video discusses the current state of the economy, the fraudulent nature of the monetary system, and predicts a major financial event in human history. It highlights upcoming events in November and the downfall of elites.

00:00:01 This video discusses the current state of the economy and the impact of the money supply on various financial aspects. It also highlights the fraudulent nature of the monetary system and the efforts to prevent its collapse.

📊 The current financial system is facing major challenges and risks, with escalating credit card debt, rising mortgage rates, and increasing household debt.

💰 The money supply has expanded significantly since 2020, leading to a flood of money chasing the same products and causing inflated prices, particularly in the housing market.

🚫💵 The value of the currency itself is questionable due to its creation out of thin air and the absence of a gold standard, making the entire system fraudulent.

00:09:03 The video discusses the exorbitant amount of money supply in the world and how it has become meaningless. It relates this to the biblical story of Belshazzar and predicts a major financial event in human history.

💰 The money supply has become exorbitant and the financial scales are out of balance.

👑 Similar to the story of Belshazzar, the financial system will undergo a significant shift and the scales will tip.

🌍 We are entering into a time of unprecedented financial events that will impact the global economy.

00:18:06 In this video, the speaker discusses upcoming events in November and their significance. They mention the recent controversy involving Trump and a gun, as well as astrological signs and biblical prophecy. They believe that a new era is about to be birthed, which will lead to the downfall of the elites and the return of stolen wealth.

✝️ November will be a historic and incredible time, with both favorable and challenging events.

📅 The video discusses the significance of the coming events in relation to biblical prophecies and celestial signs.

💫 The birth of a new era and the fall of Babylon are expected, leading to the ultimate return of Jesus Christ.

00:27:12 The video discusses the significance of the Feast of Tabernacles and its connection to childbirth and the end of the year. It mentions prophetic words about an intervention in September and the fall of the United States. It also touches on the concept of birth pains and the return of Jesus.

✝️ The video discusses the significance of the upcoming feast of Tabernacles in relation to childbirth and the day of judgment.

🔮 There is anticipation of an intervention or event in September that will be unprecedented, and the next feast starting on Friday may hold further significance.

💥 The United States is predicted to fall and experience destruction, but this will lead to a greater glory and victory in the future.

00:36:14 The video discusses the fall of Babylon, the rise of a new kingdom, and the return of Jesus. It emphasizes the importance of repentance, preparing for the future, and using one's authority for God's kingdom.

✝️ The fall of Babylon and the rise of a new kingdom is imminent.

Horrific events, such as famine and water scarcity, are predicted to occur before the new era.

🎵 God is a way maker, miracle worker, and promise keeper, giving hope amidst the coming challenges.

00:45:17 A prediction is made about the financial market and the difficulty of acquiring precious metals in November. The speaker believes that a significant event will occur causing a dramatic shift in the financial world. The time window of January 2023 to January 2024 is highlighted as a critical period for judgment and restoration.

✝️ In November, there will be fireworks in the financial market leading to chaotic excitement and difficulty in acquiring precious metals and cryptocurrencies.

The event in November will result in a dramatic and drastic shift in the financial world, with silver prices jumping rapidly and dealers shutting down temporarily.

🗓️ The prophetic words of Kim Clement and other prophets suggest that something massive will happen in November, especially during the time window of the final feast.

00:53:58 JUDGEMENT DAY is discussed with reference to a cycle of time, the presidency of Donald Trump, and biblical prophecies. The speaker talks about the significance of certain dates and events and predicts the destruction of evil in the next three and a half years.

✝️ The video discusses the cycle of time and its significance in relation to important events and dates.

🤔 The speaker mentions the possibility of a significant event occurring in the fall, but the exact details are unknown.

📅 The video highlights various numerical calculations and their connections to biblical references and political events.

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