Blanche Neige: A Fairy Tale of Envy and Redemption

The fairy tale of Snow White, a princess sought after by a wicked queen, finds solace with the seven dwarfs but falls victim to the queen's schemes. Saved by true love's kiss.

00:00:00 A concise summary of the video: The story of Snow White, a princess with white skin, red cheeks, and black hair, who becomes the fairest of them all. The queen, overcome with envy, orders her hunter to kill Snow White, but she pleads for her life.

👸 Blanche Neige is born to a queen, who dies soon after her birth, and the king remarries a proud and jealous queen.

🪞 The new queen possesses a magical mirror that tells her she is the fairest, until Blanche Neige grows up and becomes more beautiful, causing the queen to despise her.

🌲 The queen sends a hunter to kill Blanche Neige, but she pleads for her life and promises to never return, leading her to flee into the wild forest.

00:03:36 A young girl named Blanche-Neige seeks refuge in a small cabin in the forest, where she finds comfort and solace. Meanwhile, evil forces plot against her.

📚 Blanche Neige gets lost in the forest and finds a small cottage where she takes shelter.

🍽️ Blanche Neige eats a little from each plate and drinks from each cup in the cottage.

🛏️ The owners of the cottage, who are dwarfs, return and notice that someone has been in their home.

00:07:13 Summary: A girl named Blanche Neige tells the seven dwarfs her story of escaping her evil stepmother. She agrees to stay with them and take care of their house. Meanwhile, the stepmother tries to kill Blanche Neige to become the fairest of them all.

📚 Blanche-Neige is discovered by the seven dwarfs and tells them her story.

🧹 The dwarfs offer Blanche-Neige shelter and ask her to take care of their household chores.

👑 The queen realizes that Blanche-Neige is still alive and plans to kill her to regain her beauty.

00:10:51 Summary: In the fairy tale 'Snow White' by the Brothers Grimm, a wicked queen tries to kill Snow White using different disguises and potions.

Blanche Neige buys a beautiful lace from a disguised old woman.

The lace tightens around Blanche Neige's neck and she loses consciousness.

The seven dwarfs save Blanche Neige and discover the truth about the evil queen.

00:14:29 Blanche Neige is tricked by a disguised queen who poisons her with a comb and an apple. The dwarfs save her twice, but the queen succeeds on her third attempt.

🍎 Blanche Neige is tricked by a disguised queen who gives her a poisoned apple.

💤 Blanche Neige falls into a deep sleep after being poisoned.

🪄 The seven dwarfs find Blanche Neige and revive her.

00:18:08 Blanche Neige eats a poisoned apple and falls into a death-like sleep. The dwarfs try to revive her but fail. She is placed in a glass coffin and mourned by the dwarfs. Eventually, a prince finds her and wakes her with true love's kiss.

🍎 Blanche-Neige eats the poisoned apple and falls into a death-like sleep.

💔 The dwarves try to revive Blanche-Neige but are unsuccessful.

⚰️ Blanche-Neige is placed in a glass coffin and mourned by the dwarves.

00:21:47 Blanche Neige story: A prince finds Blanche Neige in a glass coffin, wakes her up with a kiss, and they get married. The evil stepmother tries to stop the wedding but is punished.

👸 Blanche Neige is found in a glass coffin by a prince who becomes infatuated with her.

💍 Blanche Neige wakes up from a spell and agrees to marry the prince.

😈 The evil stepmother is punished for her jealousy and ultimately dies.

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