AI Tools for Productivity and Organization

Learn how to use AI tools to stay informed and organized, making life easier. Discover a messaging tool that centralizes all your conversations, increasing productivity.

00:00:00 Learn how I use AI and various tools as my second brain to stay informed and make my life easier.

šŸ§  Using AI tools as a 'second brain' to stay informed and make life easier.

šŸ’¬ The first tool: Chat GPT, used for conversations, YouTube consulting, and video ideation.

šŸ“Œ The second tool: My Mind, a curated collection of AI-related content with automatic organization and tagging.

00:03:29 A tool called My Mind allows users to save and organize content based on specific topics. It automatically tags and categorizes saved items, making it easier to search and retrieve later. Users can also add their own tags and notes for better organization. The tool is available as a Chrome extension and a mobile app.

šŸ§  The AI 'Second Brain' tool allows users to save and organize various types of content, including tweets, YouTube videos, and websites, based on specific search queries.

šŸ” Users can search for saved content by entering relevant keywords, such as 'stable diffusion' or 'AI music', and the tool will retrieve related items.

šŸ“ The tool also provides features for adding tags, notes, and context to saved items, making it easier to categorize and remember the purpose of each item.

00:06:56 This video discusses the speaker's AI tools, including an archive system for organizing content, a news aggregator called Feedly Leo, and an automation tool called Recast.AI. These tools help the speaker stay updated on tech news and manage their reading workload.

šŸ“š Using customized spaces and tags to organize archived and unarchived content.

šŸŒ Using Feedly and its AI tool, Feedly Leo, to stay updated with the latest news in Tech.

šŸ¤– Using automation tools like Recast to listen to blog posts as conversational podcasts.

00:10:25 An AI tool called Claude, developed by anthropic, can analyze and retrieve data from large texts quickly. It has a context window of 100,000 tokens, allowing businesses to comprehend, summarize, and evaluate various documents efficiently.

šŸ”‘ A new tool called Recast can convert text articles into conversational podcasts, making them more engaging and easier to consume.

šŸš€ Anthropic has released an update to their AI Claude, expanding its context window from 9,000 to 100,000 tokens, allowing for faster analysis of large texts.

šŸ’¼ The update enables businesses to comprehend, summarize, and analyze dense documents like financial statements and research papers, as well as evaluate strategic risks and possibilities for a company based on its yearly report.

00:13:53 An AI tool called perplexity helps in searching for information on a website, but it does not read PDFs. The speaker used to use, but now prefers chat PDF for reading PDFs. Using AI tools has made the speaker more curious and increased their consumption of content and research.

šŸ” Perplexity is a helpful tool for searching websites, but it can't read PDFs.

šŸ’” Other tools like Recast and also cannot process PDFs effectively.

šŸ“‘ Chat PDF is a preferred tool for reading and analyzing PDFs by teaching computers to separate sounds.

šŸ§  Using AI tools has made the person more curious and engaged in reading and research.

00:17:22 Discover how an AI tool has helped me access more resources, understand complex information, and fuel my curiosity. Also, learn about a handy messaging tool that combines multiple chat platforms into one app.

šŸ” Using AI tools like text analysis to simplify complex papers and enhance understanding.

šŸ’” AI tools can make individuals more curious, motivated, and eager to explore new topics.

šŸ“² The benefits of using a single app, like text, to consolidate and manage conversations across multiple chat platforms.

00:20:50 Discover an AI tool that centralizes all your DMs, allowing you to stay productive and focused. Highly recommended for managing multiple conversations in one place.

šŸ“š Text is an AI tool that helps to consolidate all DMs from different platforms into one place, making communication more efficient.

šŸ”‘ Using a combination of AI tools, the speaker manages their daily workflow and stays updated on the latest AI news and conversations.

šŸŒ The speaker also mentions other AI tools they use for thumbnail creation, generating AI images, understanding articles, and getting personal advice.

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