Exploring Comedy and Controversial History

Nate and Joe discuss the joys of performing, the importance of laughter, plans for Nate's comedy company, controversial history of explorers, dangers of online data exposure.

00:00:00 Nateland | Ep #168 - Explorers (Liam Neeson) ft. Joe Zimmerman. The Nateland podcast welcomes Joe Zimmerman as a guest. They discuss Joe's recent firing, the upcoming Nate Land Company, and their comedy showcase. They also talk about horoscopes and share stories from their recent live shows.

Joe Zimmerman filled in for Aaron Weber on the Nateland podcast.

Nate Land Company is going through changes and has exciting announcements.

The showcase on Nate Land features funny comics and clean material.

00:15:56 Nateland | Ep #168 - Explorers (Liam Neeson) ft. Joe Zimmerman. Nate and Joe discuss the joys of performing in large venues with screens, the importance of making people laugh, and their plans for Nate's comedy company.

πŸ“Ί Watching a screen at a concert can make it hard to see facial expressions, but screens can enhance the experience and create a sense of joy and connection.

🌟 The experience of attending a live event in a large venue with a crowd is special and exhilarating, and making people laugh and have a good time is the ultimate goal.

🎭 Creating comedy content that is suitable for all ages and can be enjoyed by both kids and adults is a priority, while also taking into consideration the comfort and enjoyment of the older generation.

00:31:52 Nateland | Ep #168 - Explorers (Liam Neeson) ft. Joe Zimmerman. Grant and Aaron discuss the NFL's practice of donating money from fines to charity. They also talk about the Atlanta Braves being called 'America's Team' and Richard Jewell's wrongful accusation.

🏈 Professional sports leagues, including the NFL, donate fines to charity.

🌟 Ted Turner made the Atlanta Braves known as 'America's team'.

🀣 Comedians sometimes make jokes that involve the audience when their jokes don't land.

πŸŽ™οΈ Jerry Seinfeld mentioned Nate Bargatze as his favorite comedian during a show.

00:47:49 Nateland | Ep #168 - Explorers (Liam Neeson) ft. Joe Zimmerman. Nate and Joe discuss the controversial history of Christopher Columbus and other explorers, along with the dangers of personal data exposure online.

🌟 The video discusses the concept of unclaimed money and how the speaker found $4,000 in unclaimed property after 15 years.

πŸ’‘ The speaker shares the importance of protecting personal information online and introduces a service called 'delete me' that helps remove personal data from the internet.

πŸ—ΊοΈ The video briefly mentions explorers, such as Christopher Columbus and Leif Erickson, and touches on the controversies surrounding Columbus Day.

01:03:45 This video discusses the exploration of America by Columbus and the naming of the continent after Amerigo Vespucci. It also touches on the concept of Turtle Island and the communication between different cultures.

🌍 Columbus sailed west to find a quicker route to India but ended up discovering America.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Amerigo Vespucci was credited with realizing that Columbus had discovered a new world and a map maker named the land 'America'.

🐒 Some indigenous peoples referred to America as 'Turtle Island' due to its resemblance to a turtle.

πŸŒ‘ Columbus used his knowledge of an upcoming eclipse to convince the natives in Jamaica to help him and his men.

01:19:42 In this episode of Nateland, the hosts discuss historical explorers and their adventures. They touch on topics such as the belief in mermaids, the search for the Fountain of Youth, and Magellan's voyage around the world. They also mention the discovery of an eighth continent underwater near New Zealand.

🌊 There is speculation about mermaids and sirens in the past, with Columbus mistaking manatees for mermaids.

πŸ‹ Whales were misunderstood in the past, with their clicking and songs being mistaken for ghosts.

β›΅ Magellan and his crew were the first explorers to circumnavigate the world, facing challenges and almost completing the journey.

🌍 Zealandia, an underwater continent near New Zealand, was recently discovered and may have connections to Atlantis.

01:35:38 In this episode of Nateland, Liam Neeson and Joe Zimmerman discuss the idea of exploring the ocean and space, and the potential for new discoveries. They also touch on action movie stars and their careers. Don't miss the fun and interesting conversation!

🌊 The idea of exploring underwater and creating new land is discussed.

πŸš€ The conversation shifts to the exploration of space and the potential for future missions.

🌌 The hosts talk about their differing beliefs regarding the existence of space.

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