Korean Skincare: Hydration, Elasticity, and Brightening

Discover DrDrayzday's top Korean skincare picks and the standout product, the Madagascar hylu Sika serum, which provides hydration, improves skin elasticity, and brightens the skin.

00:00:00 Discover DrDrayzday's top Korean skincare picks and the standout product, the Madagascar hylu Sika serum, which provides hydration, improves skin elasticity, and brightens the skin.

🔍 The video reviews the top Korean skincare products recommended by the expert.

💼 The expert mentions a sponsorship from a beauty products company and provides a discount code for viewers.

🧪 The expert highlights the benefits of the Madagascar hylu Sika serum, including hydration, skin elasticity, and brightening.

00:02:34 Discover the benefits of a lightweight and hydrating serum that contains polyglutamic acid, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide. Improve skin texture, tone, and elasticity while reducing pigment transfer and water loss from the skin.

🔑 Polyglutamic acid is a hydrating ingredient that helps improve skin texture and minimize water loss.

🌟 The serum is lightweight, hydrating, and improves skin elasticity and brightness.

🏵️ In addition to polyglutamic acid, the serum contains hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, which reduce oxidative stress and fade dark spots.

00:05:11 Discover the benefits of niacinamide in your skincare routine. It improves acne, inflammation, redness, and moisture barrier. Pair it with the skin 1004 sunscreen for optimal results.

👉 Niacinamide is a beneficial skincare ingredient for various skin types and concerns.

🌿 The sunscreen mentioned in the video provides hydration, a dewy finish, and contains beneficial ingredients like centella asiatica extract.

💧 The recommended skincare routine involves using the serum in the morning and evening, followed by the sunscreen.

00:07:46 A discussion of Korean skin care products including sunscreens and moisturizers, with recommendations and comparisons based on ingredients and textures.

💡 The video discusses two Korean sunscreens, one with hyaluronic acid and one without, both providing a dewy finish and moisturizing properties.

💫 The moisturizer being talked about is the Goodall Vegan Rice Milk Moisturizing Cream, which has a simple ingredient list but a rich and glossy texture, making it suitable for use as a night cream.

👀 The facial moisturizer is recommended for use around the eyes, providing a similar texture to many eye creams on the market.

00:10:23 Discover the benefits of the Beauty of Joseon Eye Serum with retinaldehyde. It's safe for delicate eyelid skin and can improve skin smoothness, lighten sunspots, and diminish fine lines.

The video discusses a skincare product for people with oily and acne-prone skin that is nourishing but not heavy or greasy.

👀 The speaker recommends a retinol eye serum specifically formulated for the delicate skin around the eyes to address wrinkles and fine lines.

🌟 The serum also contains niacinamide, which helps lighten sunspots and improve the moisture barrier of the skin.

00:12:59 Discover the effectiveness of a Korean skin care product and the superiority of Korean makeup. The product contains licorice root extract for anti-inflammatory and brightening effects. Also, learn about a non-transfer liquid lipstick that is long-lasting and moisturizing.

💫 This video discusses the benefits of a particular skincare product with licorice root extract for skin brightening and anti-inflammatory effects.

👀 The video also highlights the use of Korean makeup products, which are superior in terms of pigmentation, durability, and providing a natural look.

💄 One highly recommended Korean makeup product is the Etude house mask proof fixing tint, which is a liquid lipstick that doesn't transfer or smear, while also being moisturizing.

00:15:34 Discover the Korean beauty products loved by @DrDrayzday. From liquid lipsticks to brow pencils, these products are long-lasting and easy to use.

😊 The speaker recommends using liquid lipsticks as a cheek stain for a natural blush.

👍 The Etude House brow pencil is superior to other popular and expensive brands, as it lasts all day, doesn't flake, and easily glides through the brow hairs.

🤩 The speaker has been using and loving these Korean beauty products since December, and they continue to impress.

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