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This video highlights the inadequate and deficient quality of healthcare in prisons, emphasizing the constitutional requirement for adequate care. It discusses cases of negligence resulting in deaths and the dangerous policies and lack of proper healthcare. It calls for government-run healthcare and prison reform.

00:00:04 This video discusses the state of healthcare in jails and prisons, highlighting the inadequate and deficient quality of care provided to prisoners. It also emphasizes the constitutional requirement to provide adequate healthcare to incarcerated individuals.

The video discusses the state of healthcare in jails and prisons.

Incarcerated individuals are entitled to receive adequate healthcare under the Constitution.

Numerous investigations have revealed that healthcare in prisons is severely lacking and poses significant risks to prisoners.

00:02:53 The Last Week Tonight with John Oliver discusses the inadequate healthcare system in prisons, highlighting examples of prisoners being given terrible medical advice and the outsourcing of healthcare to private companies. The consequences of poor care are becoming more dire as the prison population ages.

Prisoners are given terrible advice and false information about healthcare.

The consequences of poor prison healthcare are becoming more dire with the aging prison population.

Private companies now provide prison healthcare, but their promises often fall short.

00:05:41 The video discusses issues in prison health care, including a case of negligence resulting in a prisoner's death. It highlights the problem of substandard care in the industry due to financial incentives.

⚠️ Prison healthcare negligence led to the death of a prisoner who complained of chest pains.

πŸ’” Contractors in the prison healthcare industry often provide substandard care due to financial incentives.

πŸ’° The companies in the prison healthcare industry have fixed dollar amount contracts, leading to insufficient funding for proper care.

00:08:31 The video discusses the dangerous policies and lack of proper healthcare in prisons, highlighting outrageous cases in Arizona and one prisoner's story of inadequate care.

The profit motive in private prison healthcare leads to corner-cutting and outrageous policies.

Switching from state care to private providers in Arizona resulted in increased costs and poor quality of care.

Contractors like Wexford and Corizon have provided inadequate healthcare in Arizona's prisons.

00:11:16 A video discusses the abysmal healthcare in Arizona's prisons, including the injection of sugar into wounds and delayed cancer diagnosis.

πŸ₯ Arizona's prison healthcare system, run by a private company, provided abysmal care to inmates, including injecting McDonald's sugar into a woman's wound.

⚠️ Corizon, the company responsible for prison healthcare, repeatedly refused to provide timely medical treatment, resulting in horrific consequences like delayed cancer diagnosis.

πŸ’” A man with only 10 months left on his sentence for vehicle theft died from untreated kidney cancer due to the negligence of the prison healthcare system.

00:14:03 Prison health care in the US is marked by substandard care, delayed medical treatment, and inhumane indifference. Providers like Corizon and Centurion have failed, leading to accusations of forced labor and limited options for states.

βš–οΈ The prison healthcare system in many states has a consistent pattern of substandard care and negligence.

πŸ’° Despite the poor performance, healthcare providers still receive substantial bonuses and continue to operate.

πŸ”„ States often rotate between a limited number of providers, none of which effectively meet the needs of prisoners.

00:16:52 The video discusses the issues with prison healthcare in the US and argues for government-run healthcare and prison reform.

πŸ”‘ The options for prison healthcare are inadequate, and it is primarily due to indifference towards prisoners.

πŸ”’ Outsourcing prison healthcare to private companies leads to appalling deficiencies, but government-run healthcare would provide some oversight.

πŸ’‘ Addressing the larger issues of overcrowding, long sentences, addiction, and mental health in prisons is necessary to improve healthcare.

🌎 The lack of universal healthcare and prison abolition are integral to understanding this issue.

πŸ˜” The US fails to guarantee good healthcare and unnecessarily incarcerates many, resulting in needless deaths.

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