500 Years of Immortal Body: The Fight for Survival

A girl is repeatedly killed for 500 years as her immortal body is seen as witchcraft, but she joins a team of centuries-old warriors to fight for survival.

00:00:00 A group of mercenaries convinces their leader, Andy, to take on a risky job in South Sudan to save hostages.

👥 Andy and her team, a group of mercenaries, reunite and reluctantly decide to take on a new job offered by Copley.

💼 The job involves saving hostages in South Sudan, and Andy finally accepts after realizing the potential impact they can make.

🔫 The team strategically eliminates the guards and begins their mission.

00:01:18 A team of centuries-old warriors with regenerative healing abilities fight to help people as mercenaries. They must find and kill the person who knows their secret. Meanwhile, soldier Nile is on a mission and gets killed, but continues to dream of the team.

🏢 The team is set up and attacked by soldiers in a building.

💥 The team's bodies heal rapidly and they defeat the soldiers.

🌍 The team uncovers their secret and decides to find and confront Copley.

00:02:32 A team wakes up realizing they are immortal. They search for Nile while being pursued by pharmaceutical executive Merrick.

The team realizes there is another immortal like them and sets out to find her.

💼 A pharmaceutical executive named Merrick aims to end human disease using stem cell research.

🔪 Nile is captured by Andy and taken to meet the rest of the team.

00:03:43 A girl is repeatedly killed for 500 years as her immortal body is seen as witchcraft. She meets Andy, who convinces her to collaborate with a team of immortals.

🔑 Andy and Nile team up and travel to France during a trafficking operation.

💥 Nile is initially skeptical but eventually joins the team after witnessing their immortality.

🗝️ The team members share their centuries-old backgrounds and experiences.

00:04:56 In a world of immortals, a woman discovers the tragic fate of her fellow warrior and joins a fight against their oppressors.

🔑 Nile learns about the possibility of immortals dying when their wounds stop healing.

🌊 Nile has a nightmare about a woman drowning in the sea, who turns out to be Quynh, an immortal imprisoned for witchcraft.

💥 The team is attacked by soldiers, resulting in Booker being injured and the group seeking another hideout.

00:06:07 A couple wakes up in a van surrounded by soldiers and manages to kill everyone while still handcuffed. They are taken to England to be experimented on for immortality.

🔑 Joe and Nicky are captured and taken to Merrick, who plans to experiment on them to extend human lifespan.

❗️ Andy discovers her wounds aren't healing and seeks medical supplies, encountering a kind cashier.

⚠️ Joe and Nicky are kept restrained in the lab as Merrick continues to conduct experiments.

00:07:19 In a world where an immortal body is seen as witchcraft, a girl gets killed repeatedly for 500 years. But when her team is betrayed, they must fight for survival.

🔑 Nicky tries to warn the doctor about the experiments, but is ignored.

Booker betrays the group by setting them up to be killed.

⚠️ Andy's immortality is tested, and her survival is uncertain.

00:08:29 A woman is resurrected repeatedly for 500 years, seen as witchcraft. She fights to rescue her team and expose a dangerous organization.

🔒 Merrick orders the guards to take Andy and Booker to the testing room, but Nile confronts Copley for answers.

🔥 Nile fights her way through guards to free her friends and show Andy that they have something to fight for.

💥 The team faces challenges but Andy proves her skills as a warrior and they discover Merrick's location.

00:09:38 A girl is killed repeatedly for 500 years, seen as witchcraft. The team fakes her death and punishes the betrayer, while dealing with a new surprise.

🔪 Nile and Andy fight off Merrick with an axe and escape through a window.

🚗 Nile and Merrick land on a car, resulting in their deaths.

⏱️💔 Booker's punishment is to spend 100 years alone, as Andy is mortal now.

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