Messy Fun Activity: Slime in Toy Tractors for Kids

Children have fun dumping slime into toy tractors and driving them in water, making a mess on the farm. Watch the video of this fun activity for kids.

00:00:02 Children dump slime into their toy tractors and have fun making a mess on the farm.

🚜 Dumping slime into kids tractors

🔍 Cleaning up the slime using tractors

🤔 Attempting to haul and transport the slime with the tractors

00:01:05 Kids clean slime off tractors, then drive them into lake.

🚜 Kids clean slime off tractors using water and the lake.

👧🏻 Kids enjoy playing with slime on tractors.

🌊 Tractors are driven into the lake to remove slime.

00:02:09 Kids have fun cleaning tractors with water and buckets, but end up sinking in the process.

🚜 The video is about cleaning tractors with water and a bucket.

💦 The person in the video dumps water on the tractors to clean them.

🌊 The tractors are driven into a lake to further clean them.

00:03:13 Kids dump slime into tractors and have fun driving them in water. Tractors get clean. Visit for merchandise.

🚜 Kids drive tractors into the water and clean them with slime.

💦 The tractors get submerged in the water and the kids struggle to rescue them.

🧼 The tractors end up getting cleaned with the help of the slime.

00:04:15 A video showing the process of dumping slime into kids tractors. Fun activity for children.

📺 The video is about dumping slime into kids' tractors.

Summary of a video "Dumping slime into kids tractors | Tractors for kids" by Hudson's Playground on YouTube.

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