Unveiling the Secrets of Car Salesmen: How They Manipulate Customers

Sam Hyde exposes car salesmen tricks and tactics to make money without mentioning sponsorships or brand names.

00:00:00 Sam Hyde exposes car salesmen tricks and gives advice to aspiring car salesmen. Get ruthless, sell cars, and make money.

🚗 Car salesmen use various tricks to control the deal and make customers believe in their offers.

The perception of car buying taking too long is a common concern for people.

💼 Advice for aspiring car salesmen: be ruthless, focus on getting customers to buy, and transition from working in parts to the sales floor.

00:02:23 Sam Hyde exposes car salesmen tricks and techniques, including upselling and pre-screening customers based on demographics.

🚗 Car salesmen use terms like 'ups' and 'flakes' to refer to customers and assess their sales performance.

💰 Knowing your demographic and pre-screening customers can increase your chances of making successful sales.

🛠️ Mazda cars have good trade-in value, while Audis are expensive and require high maintenance.

👔 Dressing well and having a confident meet and greet can significantly impact car sales.

00:04:46 Learn the tricks car salesmen use to make a sale without coming off as a swindler. Smile, offer unbeatable internet prices, and hold gross to maximize profits.

Effective ways to approach customers at a car dealership and build rapport.

The importance of being knowledgeable about internet pricing and using it to attract customers.

Tips for maximizing profit by holding gross during negotiations.

00:07:06 This video discusses the tactics car salesmen use to negotiate prices and payments with customers, focusing on diverting attention from the price and emphasizing the value of the car. It highlights the importance of confidence and offers strategies to appear accommodating while maximizing profit.

💰 Confidence in price is the number one tool for a car salesman.

💲 Instead of focusing on the price, car salesmen switch the focus to the payment, which allows for more negotiation.

🚙 By offering a lower payment, car salesmen can make customers overlook the higher price of the car.

00:09:01 Sam Hyde exposes car salesmen tricks and tactics to make money. From financing to test drives, learn how they manipulate customers.

🔑 Car salesmen use tactics like long financing terms and bonuses to make more money.

🤝 Salesmen focus on building rapport and gathering personal information to make the buying process quicker and more efficient.

🚗 During the test drive, salesmen emphasize the features, safety, and service of the car to close the sale.

00:11:14 Sam Hyde exposes car salesmen tricks in a humorous and informative video. Learn how to sell cars and make customers feel like their current car is inferior.

🚗 Car salesmen use tricks like emphasizing acceleration and comparing cars to higher-end models to persuade customers to buy.

🏢 A tactic called a trial close, where salesmen ask customers to physically park a car in the sold line, is effective in securing a sale.

💼 Establishing a personal connection and offering convenient and efficient service can make customers more likely to purchase a car.

00:13:38 Sam Hyde reveals the tricks car salesmen use to control customers and increase sales without mentioning sponsorships or brand names.

📝 Car salesmen use various tactics to negotiate deals with customers, including working the deal through the sales manager and gathering trade-in information.

🔑 Listening to the sales manager's instructions is crucial for success as a car salesman, and it is important to maintain control of the negotiation process.

💰 Customers often have unrealistic expectations, and having a down payment is an important factor in the negotiation.

00:15:47 Sam Hyde exposes the tricks car salesmen use to manipulate customers into paying higher prices, focusing on the importance of negotiating the monthly payment.

🚗 Car salesmen use various tricks to negotiate prices and payments.

💲 They manipulate the customer's focus from the car price to the monthly payment.

👥 Negotiations involve finding a price close to the desired number.

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