Exploring Beijing's Ancient Hutongs: Old World Cafe and Hidden Gems

Discover a hidden gem in Beijing's ancient hutongs - a vintage toy cafe called Old World. Explore the maze-like networks and experience old Beijing.

00:00:01 Discover a hidden gem in Beijing's ancient hutongs - a vintage toy cafe called Old World. Explore the maze-like networks and experience old Beijing.

The speaker has fulfilled their dream of living in a traditional Beijing hutong.

Hutongs are historic lanes that offer a glimpse into old Beijing.

Hutongs have become trendy with hidden cafes, rooftop bars, restaurants, and boutiques.

00:01:53 A YouTuber shares their experience of finding a tiny house in Beijing's hutongs. They struggled to find a suitable place within their budget but eventually found a spacious and affordable option.

🏠 Hutongs are the favorite place to be in Beijing, offering a glimpse into the past.

🔍 Joining an apartment rental WeChat group helped find affordable options in Beijing.

💰 Finding a tiny house within budget was a challenge, but a spacious option was available.

00:03:44 A video about finding a perfect and affordable apartment in Beijing, with an exciting move-in experience.

🏠 The speaker found a perfect house in Beijing for rent within their budget.

😊 They were excited about the skylight, furniture, and the experience of moving.

❄️ Moving day was in the snow, but the speaker was still excited about living alone in the new house.

00:05:35 Explore my cozy Beijing tiny house with warm underfloor heating, a welcoming neighborhood, and unique furnishings. A stone rubbing from Shujol adds historical charm.

🏠 The narrator is excited to show their tiny house in Beijing, which came together quickly with the furnished apartment they rented from an agency at no extra cost.

👋 The neighbors are friendly and welcoming, offering help whenever needed.

🔥 The house is warm both physically and emotionally, with heating through the floors that can be controlled using a doodad.

00:07:26 A tour of a small house in Beijing, showcasing Chinese BBQ and the owner's personal belongings, including a gift from neighbors and an interview with a famous artist.

🔥 The first recorded depiction of Chinese barbecue is found in the stone inscription in Shujo, making it the hometown of Chinese BBQ.

🏠 The Beijing tiny house has a small but well-equipped kitchen, including an electric stove and a coffee maker.

🚽 The bathroom in the tiny house has a shower, a mirror purchased from Taobao, and a new toilet.

🔬 The documentary project in Shanghai included an interview with the famous artist Maliang, who creates art using random plastic things.

00:09:16 A tour of a Beijing tiny house with diorama-like artwork and a comfortable working environment, featuring wooden beams that give it a traditional hutong feel.

🏠 The video showcases a tiny house in Beijing with unique diorama-like artwork.

💡 The upstairs area has been rearranged, allowing for a comfortable working environment with natural light.

🪑 The temporary desk is a cheap fold-out table, but still serves its purpose for editing.

🛀 The bathroom in the house has a slight odor, which is common in hutong houses due to the plumbing system.

👍 Overall, the house has a viby and gorgeous atmosphere with wooden beams adding to its charm.

00:11:06 A tour of a Beijing tiny house, encountering challenges with drainage and food delivery. Exploring gyms and promoting upcoming Sichuan content.

🏠 The speaker has a tiny house in Beijing and faces challenges with drainage and food delivery.

🏋️‍♂️ The speaker visits a local gym in the hutongs but is not satisfied with it.

🐼 The speaker hints at upcoming Sichuan content, specifically about pandas.

Summary of a video "Welcome to my Beijing tiny house!" by Blondie in China on YouTube.

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