Eating a Pricey Pizza with Unexpected Flavor

Two friends try a $70,000 pizza with gold flakes and caviar. Delicious and unique taste, reminiscent of bacon. One person donates to a food bank.

00:00:00 We try a $70,000 pizza alongside other expensive dishes. The golden wings and milkshake are delicious. The grilled cheese is mind-blowing.

🍕 The video is about eating a $70,000 pizza and trying other expensive foods.

🍔 They start with a $1 pizza and try progressively more expensive dishes, including a $250 grilled cheese.

🍨 They also have a luxurious $125 milkshake made with edible gold.

00:01:56 Eating an expensive golden pizza and a $2000 steak, the hosts share their thoughts on the unique and extravagant dishes.

🍕 The video showcases the experience of eating an extremely expensive golden pizza.

💰 The pizza is priced at $70,000 and is made with luxurious ingredients like 23-carat gold and rare chocolate.

🍦 In addition to the pizza, they also try a $1,000 ice cream, which they find delicious.

00:03:47 A review of a $70,000 pizza reveals a delicious and unique taste, reminiscent of bacon. The pizza is made with aged pork and served with a flavorful sauce.

🍕 The $70,000 golden pizza is incredibly delicious and unique, with a taste similar to bacon-wrapped pork.

👨‍🍳 The chef made a special sauce using a 26-year-old syrup, adding an extra magical touch to the pizza.

💰 If someone were to send me a piece of the $70,000 pizza, it would be worth around $8,000 due to its exclusivity.

00:05:42 A video about eating expensive food without mentioning the sponsorships or brand names or subscriptions.

🍕 The video is about the experience of eating a $70,000 golden pizza.

💰 The pizza is made with expensive ingredients like golden flakes and truffles.

🍔 The presenter also tries other expensive dishes like golden tomahawk steak and pricey tacos.

00:07:36 I Ate An Expensive Pizza With Unexpected Flavor

💰 Expensive food doesn't always taste better.

🍕 The $70,000 golden pizza is made by a special chef.

🚫 Other expensive dishes like the $3,000 pork, $5,000 tacos, and $6,000 ribs were not as good as expected.

00:09:32 Two friends eat a pizza worth $70,000 with gold flakes, rare ingredients, and caviar.

🍕 The video is about eating a $70,000 golden pizza.

💰 The pizza is covered in gold and contains expensive ingredients like aged parmesan and Japanese beef.

🌟 The pizza is considered the most expensive in the world.

00:11:25 A man tries a $70,000 golden pizza and is amazed by the taste. He donates $10,000 to a food bank and asks for support through shirt sales.

🍕 The pizza is made with a golden crust and costs $70,000.

🧀 The cheese on the pizza is incredibly delicious.

💸 The YouTuber donated $10,000 to a food bank.

Summary of a video "I Ate A $70,000 Golden Pizza" by MrBeast on YouTube.

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