Never Play Alone with the Ouija Board (And Other Horror Stories)

A musician in a small town hotel has terrifying encounters with a mysterious woman in black, ghostly figures, and shadows. Playing with a homemade Ouija board leads to strange events and a friend's alarming transformation.

00:00:00 A musician staying in a small town hotel experiences a terrifying encounter with a mysterious woman in black.

💀 Encounters with paranormal entities can happen anywhere, even in non-haunted houses.

🚀 The narrator, who travels for work, had a creepy experience in a small town hotel.

😱 During a sleep paralysis episode, the narrator saw a lady dressed in black with an angry expression.

00:04:26 A terrifying encounter with a ghostly figure in a closet leads to a sleepless night and unsettling events the next morning.

👻 The narrator experiences a horrifying dream in which a ghost or spirit emerges from a closet.

😨 Upon waking up, the narrator hears someone knocking from inside the closet, implying that the dream may have been real.

😱 The narrator encounters hotel staff who mention hearing a woman's voice coming from the closet.

00:08:49 A creepy encounter in a garage leads to a terrifying experience with shadows and a sense of time stopping. Later, an abandoned house reveals mysterious artifacts.

👻 Encountered a dark presence while in the garage, causing fear and a sense of paralysis.

Time seemed to stop, experiencing a strange and unsettling environment outside.

🏚️ Opened a bar in a location next to an abandoned house with eerie decorations.

00:13:12 A group of friends played with a homemade Ouija board, leading to strange events in a haunted bar and a chilling encounter with powerful witches.

The narrator and their family experience strange occurrences in a place they visit.

Clients of a bar complain about strange sounds and findings of dead animals without eyes.

The bar eventually closes permanently due to the supernatural activities and its reputation.

00:17:36 Never Play Alone with the Ouija Board (And Other Horror Stories).

🔮 Three friends play with a Ouija board and experience strange events.

😱 One friend gets scared and distances herself, while the other two continue playing.

👻 The protagonist starts having nightmares and feeling unwell, leading to the decision to dispose of the Ouija board.

00:21:59 A terrifying encounter with a friend playing Ouija leads to mysterious events and a friend's alarming transformation. Dark forces are at play.

👻 There was a creepy phone call with a mysterious voice.

😱 The protagonist had a terrifying experience after playing with a Ouija board.

😨 Mariela's behavior changed drastically, leading to a disturbing incident.

00:26:23 A friend's unsettling encounter with a person who had undergone a disturbing change after playing with a Ouija board.

👻 A friend's possession and subsequent exorcism by a priest.

🔮 The friend's transformation into a religious individual with visible self-harm scars.

😱 A chilling encounter with the transformed friend, causing intense fear.

Summary of a video "NUNCA JUEGUES SOLO A LA OUIJA (Y OTRAS HISTORIAS DE HORROR)" by Relatos de la Noche on YouTube.

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