LiveGood Product Focus and Future Plans

This Q&A session discusses LiveGood products, including protein and supplements. They mention international shipping and dosage. Future plans include eco-friendly packaging.

00:00:00 This video is a Q&A session where the hosts answer general questions about their products and pricing. They emphasize that their products are high quality and affordable, and they have a different business model. They also mention that their products are currently dosed for adults only. They briefly discuss shipping and international packs.

The video is a Q&A session about LiveGood products.

The presenter explains how LiveGood offers high-quality products at affordable prices.

The presenter mentions that the products are dosed for adults and advises consulting a pediatrician for children's use.

00:05:30 This video discusses the availability of supplements for international shipping, an alternative method for taking methylene blue to minimize the blue tongue effect, and the limitations of shipping CBD internationally. It also addresses the conversion of amino acids to protein and advises against counting amino acids as protein.

💼 The video discusses the availability of supplements for international shipping, starting with an international Wellness pack.

🫐 The video introduces a new product release, methylene blue, and provides tips on minimizing the blue coloration when consuming it.

📦 Shipping of CBD products internationally is currently unavailable due to carrier restrictions.

🍗 Amino acids are not considered protein, and it is recommended not to count them as part of the daily protein intake.

00:11:00 This video provides information about protein goals, the use of methylene blue, and the importance of essentials for muscle protein synthesis. It also discusses the need for increased protein intake for individuals over 60 years old.

📚 The ratio of essential amino acids, particularly leucine, in protein is important for muscle protein synthesis.

💪 Consistently consuming whole food protein is effective for muscle protein synthesis, rather than relying on supplements.

🚴‍♂️ Cycling the use of methylene blue for mitochondrial function restoration is recommended, with breaks in between.

00:16:30 A Q&A session on LiveGood products, discussing topics like methylene blue and collagen. They recommend taking methylene blue and getting sunlight for better effects. The protein powder settles, so it's advised to mix and aerate the contents. They also mention upcoming products and talk about dosing pet CBD oil.

Methylene blue and sunlight have a synergistic effect on ATP energy production.

When taking collagen, it is recommended to mix it with warm water to prevent clumping.

The weight of the organic contents in the bottles of Reds and Greens can settle, so it is advised to mix and aerate the contents before use.

00:22:10 LiveGood Product Focus Zoom -Q&A: Learn about the benefits of various LiveGood products including gut supplements, protein, and pre-workout. Get insights on using the products and managing kidney health. Future plans include eco-friendly packaging.

Methylene blue has antimicrobial properties and does not disturb the microbiome.

Protein intake can be managed for individuals with kidney problems.

The video discusses various supplements and their benefits.

00:27:41 LiveGood Q&A session discusses future product improvements, decaf coffee possibility, red light therapy, diabetes & cholesterol tips, supplement recommendations, and travel size products.

🌍 The speaker is environmentally conscious and plans to make further improvements in the future.

☕️ There may be plans to introduce decaf coffee and hot chocolate mushroom drinks.

💡 Using LED lights with a wavelength of 620-720 nanometers is recommended for red light therapy.

00:33:12 This video discusses the benefits of using a protein supplement to increase daily protein intake without consuming excess calories. It also covers topics such as red light therapy and prenatal vitamins.

💡 Taking amino acids can help increase protein intake without exceeding caloric intake.

🔦 Red light therapy is beneficial and can be easily achieved with affordable devices.

🤰 Pregnant and breastfeeding individuals should consult their OB/GYN for proper supplementation.

💊 Prostate health and skin care are addressed in the products.

🚫 Extra caution should be exercised with meal replacements claiming to be substitutes.

🥑 Personalized meal replacements can be made using protein powder and balanced ingredients.

🍽️ Chewing and enjoying food is important for proper digestion and enzyme release.

🏷️ Changes to the product labels are being made to improve information provided.

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