Optimizing Amazon Campaigns with Vince Montero

Vince Montero discusses strategies for increasing bids on Amazon campaigns and managing multiple PPC accounts on the Atomic platform.

00:00:00 Vince Montero hosts TACoS Tuesday, answering viewer questions about the upgraded version of ads called Atomic. Topics include variations in campaigns and bid strategies in Amazon.

🚀 The host welcomes everyone to the return of TACoS Tuesday and thanks them for joining the launch party for Atomic.

🌍 People from all over the world use the tools provided and the host asks where they are logging in from.

📧 Viewers are encouraged to send in questions and topics related to PPC campaigns through a dedicated email.

00:10:19 This video discusses strategies for increasing bids on Amazon campaigns and suggests going above the suggested bid at launch. It also addresses competing against oneself when running campaigns for similar products.

🚀 Amazon's bid suggestions are not made in real time, while Adtomic's suggestions are based on real-time data.

💰 Amazon recommends using bid adjustments for campaigns with at least 50 sales per week and at or below the target ACoS.

🔥 To be more aggressive with campaign bids at launch, consider using placement bidding for top of search and set bids at 100 or more.

00:20:39 The video discusses the functionality of the Atomic platform and addresses user questions about managing multiple PPC accounts and optimizing campaigns in the platform.

🚀 Adtomic TACoS Tuesday AMA with Vince Montero is about the functionality of the Atomic platform and its similarity to Presses On.

🔧 Users can view their campaigns and accounts on Atomic for better viewability.

📧 Users can report bugs and issues to the support team at helium10.com.

00:31:00 In this Adtomic TACoS Tuesday AMA, Vince Montero discusses bid automation, search term optimization, and the use of separate campaigns for different products.

Changing bids resets the timer for keyword suggestions, so manual updates may not receive suggestions.

🔍 Analyzing search terms is crucial for optimizing campaigns and reducing costs.

🔄 Separate campaigns for different products is recommended to avoid confusion for shoppers.

💰 Atomic offers a fee for users if they exceed a certain PPC spend threshold.

🔧 Bulk changes for target ACoS values and other optimizations are currently being developed.

00:41:20 Learn how errors in impressions, sales, and orders in Adtomic can be resolved and how to optimize auto and manual campaigns to avoid CPC competition.

🚀 The Adtomic platform may have discrepancies in tracking sales and orders due to lag in data retrieval from the Amazon API.

😎 When transferring successful ASINs from auto campaigns to manual campaigns, it is recommended to exclude those ASINs from the auto campaigns to avoid CPC increase, although some people prefer to keep them in for lower CPCs.

💰 A bug in Adtomic is currently suggesting a higher budget across all campaigns, but it should actually be divided among the campaigns. If you have a limited budget, it may be better to start with auto campaigns and use the Quick Builder feature.

00:51:40 This video discusses various topics related to campaign setup and optimization in Amazon advertising. It covers topics such as filtering archived campaigns, data visibility, negative keyword pools, and campaign templates.

🔑 Using the campaign builder in Adtomic, you can create sponsored brand and sponsored display campaigns without exceeding your budget.

📅 It is recommended not to consider the most recent four days of data for optimization decisions in Amazon seller central.

🔍 In the future, Adtomic will introduce the option to create negative keyword pools that can be shared between auto and research campaigns.

01:02:00 Discover the key goals and strategies for launching a PPC campaign, including the importance of visibility and data collection. Learn how to optimize keywords and budgets to maximize campaign performance, and explore the benefits of using campaign portfolios on Amazon.

🚀 The goal of launching a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign is to increase visibility and collect data.

💰 It is recommended to run the campaign for a minimum of 7 days, with a budget that allows it to stay active 24/7.

💡 After collecting data, optimization can be done either manually or with the help of a tool.

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