Why Secrets Need To Remain Secret: The Value of Long-Term Success and Applying Knowledge Slowly

Preview of the Laws of Game and the importance of keeping secrets, highlighting the difference in educational systems between East and West. Emphasizes longevity, mastery, and applying information slowly.

00:00:00 A character in a TV show is expelled from a secret society for not following instructions on how to use their information. Access to secret knowledge is restricted.

🔑 Information is often restricted for a reason, and those who disregard the rules may face consequences.

🔒 To advance in a secret society, one must adhere to the instructions of higher-ranking members.

📚 Despite restricted access, information about secret societies and ancient texts can now be found on the internet.

00:01:48 A preview of the Laws of Game and the importance of keeping secrets. The internet offers access to diverse information, but can lead to shallow knowledge.

🔍 The internet provides easy access to information on various secret societies and criminal organizations.

📚 The speaker highlights the problem of information overload and lack of deep understanding due to a scattered approach to learning.

✂️ The speaker emphasizes the importance of concise and focused education to gain true knowledge.

00:03:36 A video on the importance of not rushing through information and treating it as a resource rather than a checklist. It highlights the difference in educational systems between the East and the West.

📚 The information in the Laws of Game and other esoteric books is meant to be used as a resource, not just consumed quickly.

🎓 The Western education system conditions us to consume information quickly, without deep study or application.

💡 In the East, mastery is achieved through the application of knowledge, not just theoretical understanding.

00:05:26 The importance of longevity and mastery in a field is emphasized. Success in a short period does not make one a master. Examples of Tupac and Snoop Dogg are given.

In the East, it takes at least 10 years of consistent practice to be considered a master, regardless of success.

In the West, people are considered experts after a shorter period of success, but longevity is often overlooked.

Having longevity in a field is important for long-term success and impact.

00:07:15 The video discusses the longevity of Snoop Dogg's music career and the importance of consuming information slowly and applying it. It emphasizes the value of mastery and long-term success.

🎵 Snoop Dogg's longevity as a rap artist has made him the most successful in the industry.

📝 Higher level information should be learned and applied, rather than consumed quickly for immediate results.

💰 Some marketers use the quantity of information as a selling point for courses, leading to misconceptions about their value.

00:09:03 Discover the importance of valuable information and its impact on financial savings. Understand the misunderstanding surrounding the quantity and efficacy of information. Explore the need for practical application in occult studies.

💡 The value of information is not determined by its volume or duration, but by its effectiveness and application.

💰 Investing in a short consultation that provides a solution can save more money in the long run than consuming a large amount of free content.

📚 Reading numerous books on a subject may not be as productive as actively applying the knowledge to achieve success.

00:10:50 The importance of developing a personal relationship with spirituality, regardless of the religious or spiritual system one follows.

🔑 The effectiveness of spiritual practices is dependent on the individual's application.

💡 Christianity and other spiritual systems require a personal relationship with the divine for them to work.

🌀 Merely identifying as a Christian does not guarantee a connection with God.

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