Exploring the Las Ferias Public Library - BibloRed in Bogotá

Discover the Las Ferias Public Library - BibloRed in Bogotá, a hub of reading, communication, art, and culture.

00:00:00 Get to know the Las Ferias Public Library - BibloRed. A space where reading, writing, oral communication, art, and culture come to life. Located in Engativá, Bogotá, it offers various services and programs for social transformation and access to literature.

📚 The public library Las Ferias is part of the BibloRed network in Bogotá.

🏛️ It provides a space for reading, writing, storytelling, art, and culture.

🌍 The library offers various services and programs, including fiction and non-fiction clubs, storytelling, and art workshops.

00:01:03 Discover the public library Las Ferias - BibloRed in Bogotá. Explore their diverse programming and engage with the reading community. Visit triple W dot bibliored dot gob dot com for more information.

📚 BibloRed is a public library in Bogotá, Colombia.

📖 They offer a variety of programs and events for all ages.

🌐 You can find more information on their website or social media.

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